Manage multiple WiFi networks

WiFi Network Management. It would work like… well, the configuration page of most wifi enabled devices with a screen. Add, save, change, auto-connect, remove, etc. for a list of saved networks all in-app; no device-button necessary.


  • Managing of wireless nework connections shall be entirely through the app; physically pushing the button shall still be available as an option.
  • Network Manager shall provide an interface in-app to add, remove, enable and reorder wifi networks.
  • Device shall autoconnect when an enabled network is detected and online.
  • Priority for connection shall be determined by the order of network name list.
  • Networks that cannot access the internet shall timeout and connect to the next available wifi network in the list until the online condition is met.
  • LED can be used to indicate connection status.
  • A direct phone/tablet-to-camera “wifi hotspot”-like connection should be available in the list of networks.

I use my 2K “Indoor” pan&tilt as if it were a portable security camera sometimes. I just power it from portable battery and use my mobile hotspot as a connection if there isn’t one available.

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This that you mention is exactly what I need to do with my Eufy security camera. I seem to have exhausted all Help resources in the app and also via support email & Live Chat. SO simple, something we’re all used to doing for years on devices. So WHY cannot this be implemented somehow for security cameras? If they don’t get back to me with a fix in a week or so, even though I like this camera it’ll be going back to Best Buy for a refund. I’ll go find another camera that can do this simple trick.