Make the Events preview image clearer and without the play icon over it

When you view the device events tab, it lists all the recordings, however the preview image has a big ‘play’ icon covering most of it.
I’d like to see an unobscured preview image so I can scroll through the recordings quickly to get an idea of what events have been captured.
Perhaps a tiled view with larger and unobscured preview image would be very useful to take a quick view of the events captured.

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Don’t be Ridiculous!!! Where on earth would they find room for that giant play button if they couldn’t cover up your view???

As you can see from my screenshot above… I get a ton of garbage events recorded every day. I use all motion because I need to see vehicles…

With more than 100 false crap everyday on its lowest setting… I use those little preview pics! If I played all of them it would take all day. ( would be easier to flush the camera down the toilet and just sit outside all day.)

So yes… I completely agree with u