Make a sound on home base when a motion is detected

I would like the home base to make a sound (not the alarm sound) when a motion is detected to warn me that somebody enter my parking zone. Additionally, a notification on my phone could be great too. It should be configurable per mode: at night I want the alarm to be triggered and during the day I want a notification sound to notify me somebody will soon ring my doorbell.


All except for the sound on the homebase is possible.
Basically everything you request can be done through the security profiles.
Funnily enough I do get the option to set a sound to play from the homebase for an entry sensor, but the eufycam, doorbell and motion sensors don’t allow this.

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I would like the home base to play a sound when somebody enter my parking zone, not a sound from my phone. I guess to play a sound directly from the home base is simpler than playing it on the phone. :wink:


You can set up a Mode to do this already. Go to the security badge at the bottom of the app and select Home. Then select the device you want to trigger the alert and check the box that says Homebase alarm. You can use either a motion detector or a camera to trigger the alert.

That is the only thing you cannot do, or I’m really missing something here.

  • alarm only during night: possible
  • notification when someone enters your parking zone: possible
  • notification sound on homebase from the doorbell during the day: not possible.
    You can however set up the homebase as a chime, that way you still have a sound when someone rings the doorbell.

Yes, I would like this too! Just a simple sound showing that motion was detected at the front door.


@John0 I just tested this and it works exactly as I posted. The Homebase sound will be whichever sound you have configured for alarm tones and it will be controlled by the alarm volume. You can trigger this alarm by a camera motion, doorbell motion, entry sensor, or motion sensor (homebase connected only). All that needs to be done is set up the Mode settings to trigger the homebase alarm when motion is detected.

You could also set up a schedule to control time frames for the alarm sound.

@pysailr Thanks for the information! When you say “homebase connected only”, I’m guessing you mean connected to ethernet?

I know you can sound the alarm, but OP does not want to hear the alarm, but just a notification sound.


Has this already been resolved? Is it a bug or a feature? I would also like to have it, especially as there is no work around it seems. Just a simple notification on the homebase, not an alarm.

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This needs to be implemented as you don’t always have your phone next to you so a homebase notification from the doorbell/camera would be ideal.

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Any news on this request ?

I would like this too! Play a sound on the home base when motion was detected by the camera.


I totally agree. Highly requested feature. It should be able to just say (Ding dong) as the chime when somebody enters or play any sound.


yes agreed!


+1 for this feature

Would be great to have the home base play a simple chime when the camera overlooking my front walkway detects motion, or when my doorbell detects motion.


Is this thread referring to homebase or homebase 2. :thinking: I certainly don’t see any option other than alarm (homebase 2) which is set at minimal level. I don’t use a doorbell but would also like night schedules for our yard & garage. :+1:
In the time since buying these cameras (about 8 months) the app has had no updates or improvements. :worried:

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Yes I would like this too. Doorbell Chime makes an alert sound when the Video Doorbell detects motion. Ring does this as standard and it would seem to be an obvious capability.


I just want the homebase 2 to chime like the ring and say motion detected or play a chime.


Can’t wait for them to make this update. A simple chime as an alarm tone option would be ideal!
I know this isn’t the purpose of the alarm, but turn mine off because it too long and annoying.

Any update on this request?