Major disadvantage in Doorbell

The video caprured in human or motion detection modes is not enough informative as it starts recording and stops when motion detected in very short distance almost 1-2 meters and it is not in full scene. I had RING PRO before ant it was adding 30 sec before and after the motion detected so you can see the full scene. Also in RIING PRO there was time shifting tab at live mode so you can review all videos saved in one screen and manage the video you want.
I hope these features will be available in next update for all doorbell wired and battery operated (mine is Eufy Doorbell 2k Battery and connected to wires as placed the RING after it was burned

Hi, the 2K doorbell battery powered that’s wired has a 3 to 4 second pre-buffer recording only.
You can also customize your motion detection recording time in the doorbell settings. Choose the customize option and then uncheck the"End clip early if motion stops"

I did so. But still not satisfied. Hope coming upgrade will take care of this issue
With RING Pro it was capturing motion before starting to come down from stairs or side way and finishes after object leave the selected zone .
Also as I mentioned there was option to forward and reward the videos as one very long video from live screen