Magnetic bracket

This could be a silly question but how do I attach the magnetic mount to the wall? I’ve worked out the other mount where the camera screws in but can’t work out the magnetic option?

If I can remember correctly you need to unscrew the shroud from around the ball joint.

Its been a while since I installed mine.

Just drive a screw into the wall where you want to mount it and tighten it so that the top slot in the magnetic mount slides down and captures the mount. Its kind of a cheesy mount and I wouldn’t use it outdoors. If a bird lands on your camera, its liable to end up on the ground. There was a reddit user that had a fox jump up and grab his camera right off the wall and carry it away. The screw in mount is more secure, although I have had the plastic crack when installing them. I purchased some Blink camera mounts made of metal that work well. They have the 1/4-20 screw mount and a better adjustment of the swivel. I bought them on Amazon and was going to include a link, but they are listed as unavailable right now.