MAC address for wired 2K doorbelll

Where can I find the MAC address for the 2K wired doorbell? I’m having issues pairing it with my 2.4Ghz wireless network.

I had to get the doorbell to connect to my wifi network then I had to search the connected devices, and then have the router tell me the MAC address. My doorbell shows up as a “Smart Innovation LLC” device. Ss far as I can tell, the app will NOT tell you the MAC address until (maybe) it becomes an “Added Device” My documentation came with a scan code, but no MAC address or device serial number. I am still struggling with getting my doorbell install completed due to technical difficulties with the activation process… ( Fails to Connect to Server - #21 by dhinz - Queries - Eufy Security Collective ) :frowning:

Thanks yes can’t add my doorbell due to “server busy (6)” error. I’m really hoping this is a temporary blip. Had such high hopes for Eufy but am extremely frustrated with this experience and question the long term sustainability of these security devices.

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apparently eufy fixed the server busy (6) error as of this morning - you have to disable your 2 factor authorization, try again. see ( Fails to Connect to Server ) thread for more info. Once you get the device added, look in the device info for the MAC id. Good luck!

Nice! Disabled 2 factor authentication and it works! Thanks for the tip!