Louder alarm for HomeBase


I just bought the Home Base 2 with some C2 cameras and entry sensor and, using the Eufy Security app, I found that the global security system is very powerful.

But I see one MAJOR issue : the alarm.

I tested both the camera and the home base alarm and, even at maximum sound level settings, they sounds so weak! How would that even dissuade anyone to break-in?

I mean, when you break-in a house surrounded by neighbours, having a powerful alarm is very dissuasive.

Also, I’d like to be woken up by the alarm if someone break-in. This alarm would definitely not wake me up given the distance between the homebase and my bed.

So I was wondering, is there a way to make the alarm MUCH louder?

I’m open to anything : buy another product to connect to the home base that have powerful alarm; modify the home base to change/add a louder buzzer; etc…

Thanks in advance guys.



Don’t hold your breathe because Eufy are not interested in researching an alarm so unfortunately like me and others you are stuck with a security system with no alarm only an indicator alarm to attract burglars to its location so that they can unplug homebase.

this is the advertisement for their powerful siren what a laugh and false advertising to get sales.

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My homebase is silent for that very reason. I have thought about cutting the speakers wires… and running a wire to a different location with some power boost and a bigger speaker.

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@chefrd I was thinking the same but not electronically minded did not want yo undertake task as well as not wanting to damage my homebase because these are not available on its own to buy. If you do attempt the task it would be appreciated if you would let me know if it was a success.

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