Lost devices in the App

Help please!!!

I’ve had my cameras for 6months and the app has worked fine. Then I used the app tonight and then went back into the app about 15mins later and all my devices were gone! On my partners phone too. I’ve tried power restart on my home base, logging out and back into the app, uninstall and reinstall and still my devices have vanished like I’m starting from the beginning again.

Any help please???

I’ve seen this behavior after an app update. Go to the app main page and check that All Devices is selected. I’ll bet that restores your devices.

I have a new bute system.
Loaded home base and all cameras on 2 phones.

30 mins later lost everthing…

Is there a solution here ? Its actually not allowing me to reload now as well .

HELP ???

Please provide a screenshot of the app view, where you are missing the devices.