Looking for Community Help Regarding Cameras Offline (2 Pro & 2C)

UPDATE [04-30-2021]: I noticed last evening that all of the cameras have gone online without my intervention and have stayed online as of this morning. Support has offered to replace some if not all of my cameras but I’d like to see if these cameras can stay on for a while before having to lug them to the post office and contributing to e-waste.

Hello Everyone.

I have a camera set up in and around my home with a Homebase 2 and 5 cameras: three 2C cameras and two 2 Pro cameras.
Unfortunately, for the past month, I have been experiencing some of the cameras randomly going offline with the error “Failed to Request (-203)”.


Prior to contacting support, I have tried:

  • Resetting the Homebase multiple times.
  • Resyncing the cameras multiple times.
  • Moving the Homebase further away from my router.
  • Switching from Ethernet to Wifi.
  • Change my router’s wifi channel to a less congested one.
  • Moving the Homebase to a more central location on my second floor.
  • Swapping the cameras around.
  • Recharging all the cameras and attempting the above.

Since contacting support (around March 16th), I have done per their suggestions:

  • Replacing the potentially defective Homebase.
  • Switching back to Ethernet.
  • Disabling my router’s firewall for the Homebase.
  • Uploading numerous App Logs for their product engineers to investigate the issue.
  • Resyncing the cameras.

When the cameras are online, I am able to access them via my phone’s 5G/LTE connection through the Eufy App and can access the MySecurity portal on computers in and outside of my network so I don’t think I misconfigured anything network-wise.

When I resync the cameras, they will usually all work for a full day or two before one goes offline, and then more follow; all with the “Failed to Request (-203)” error. It’s a very large hassle for me to have to get a ladder, go to each location the cameras are, and press the sync button a few times to resync them. While I’ve been lucky to be able to work from home in this pandemic, this would surely be a risk when I’m at the office or in a different state/country. My family members are relatively elderly and can’t (and shouldn’t) be going on ladders every other day to reset a camera.

Support has been great thus far and even went out of their way to follow up with me after a short period of time where I couldn’t respond to check up on me to see if the issue was resolved. When they suggested I replace the Homebase, there was no hassle and it came fairly quickly.

I am still in talks with support but I wanted to see if any community members had experienced this and had any suggestions to resolve this?

Thank you for taking the time to read this (very long) post.

Do not know if this will help but you have not stated about resetting the router. I use to have an old router and a current new router. I have found that at times they have gotten a few issues from time to time. I have found resetting it has helped some.

My new router has a couple different frequencies. If possible I would say spread some of the devices to different frequencies.

I neglected to include this but I have already restarted and factory reset both my router and modem many times during this process.

Regarding frequencies, if you’re referring to 2.5 GHz and 5 GHz, my Homebase and Google Home mini are the only devices utilizing the 2.5 GHz WiFi connection which is the only frequency they support.

An additional thing I haven’t mentioned is my modem is a combination modem/router but I do have a separate router attached to it. Originally, I had the attached router being the only device with its WiFi antennas enabled. I’ve switched to having the 2.5 GHz online only for the modem/router device and 5 GHz only on the attached router. Both configurations haven’t changed the outcome regarding receiving the Failed to Request (-203) error.

Thank you for the suggestions though! Very much appreciated.

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Any resolution? I have pretty much the exact same problem. I have 3 2C cameras and two wired pan/tilt cameras. I’ve had the 2C cameras for almost 2 years and never had a problem. About 3 months ago they started going off-line. I reset them and they work for 2-3 days, then they all go off line again. I can also switch from Ethernet to WiFi without resetting the cameras and they will work again, but then 2-3 days later they go off-line again.