Looking for 2 cam one video doorbell integrated solution?

Hi all, I’m new to the Eufy ecosystem and to security cams in general so please bear with me.
I’m UK based.
I have done some research and more or less settlerd on the Eufy range beacuse they offer local storage with no ongoing fees.
My problem is I’m a little confused as to what is compatible with what.

I am looking for

  1. A door cam (no current wiring but happy to install if needed)

  2. Plus one camera to start with.

  3. The ability to add at least one maybe two more at a later date.

4.At least one of the cameras I would like to have a flood light if possible.

  1. I would also like to be able to power/charge the units without having to take them down/remove batteries etc where possible using transformers and/or solar panels.

  2. I would like the whole thing to be integrated into one app and to store the footage onto one device eg. Homebase/Homebase2.

I started by looking at the video doorbells and decided on the battery powered one as is 2K and it seems to be the only one that works with the Homebase.
The others seem to have built in storage, which seems a bit insecure to me as if the camera gets nicked then so does the footage.
All the outdoor cameras seem to have local storage on the camera itself?
Are there any that will store on the same homebase as the doorbell?
Also, what is the difference between the Homebase and the Homebase 2?
The Battery doorbell kit seems to come with the Homebase but some of the Cams seem to use the Homebase 2. I can’t find any reference to them elsewhere. Are they interchangeable? is the Homebase 2 better than the Homebase? Will one or the other fit the bill for my needs?

Any advice or pointers to the info I am missing will be grteatlu appreciated.


Hey there,
The battery doorbell 2k integrates into the homebase.
Eufycams do, too (except those called ‘Solo’ or ‘Indoor’).
If you want, you can add door and motion sensors as well to integrate everything.

The floodlight is standalone and cannot be controlled with the homebase.
Don’t get the ‘Ourdoor’ or ‘SoloCam’ as they don’t work together. The homebase 2 is definitely better than the normal one (it’s newer too).


  1. Battery doorbell 2k can be wired up for constant power, requires existing doorbell wires. A eufycam may substitute it, as it also has a mic and speaker.
  2. Dependening on how you get your homebase, there is a combination set with doorbell+homebase or camera(s)+homebase. Both cameras and doorbells can be purchased seperately.
  3. You can technically add up to 16 cameras on one homebase.
  4. Not possible with integration to the homebase. A eufy floodlight cam does exist (1080p / 2K version and a 360 degree pan & tilt variant), they are all standalone. There is the eufycam 2c which has a spotlight, but IMHO it isn’t brighter than your phone’s flashlight.
  5. Eufy sells solar panels for the eufycams. The doorbell can be wired up as stated before. Taking them down for a bit to charge should be possible as charging on a solar panel during winter tends to be shitty.
  6. Possible for all except floodlight.
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Thanks John0, food for thought there.
I have looked at the 2C Pro for the cameras. Is the spotlight on that the same as the 2C do you kinow?
I’m thinking I’ll go for the 2 cam package as they come with the HomeBase 2, whereas the doorbell seems to only ship with the normal one, and add a doorbell with a view to adding the wiring for the doorbell and solar for the cams at a later date, once I know it all works as I want.
I do wish they published the specs of the homebases somewhere.

Out of interest, can you buy the homebases seperately?
Say I wanted to add a camera to a spot outside the existing homebase range. Could I add another homebase and have both in the one instance of the app at the same time?

I haven’t seen them being sold new. If you don’t want to buy a camera or alarm kit (which comes with a homebase) you might want to look for homebase on wwebsites like eBay. People buy kit and don’t want the homebase, so they sell it there. :slight_smile: Good luck!

I think there is some confusion here.
The battery doorbell also comes with the homebase 2. This one: eufy Security Video Doorbell 2K (Battery-Powered) | eufy Security

The 2C Pro and 2C cameras are identical except for the 2k resolution on the former.
You can buy a homebase separately (EU/UK region):
Please bear in mind that if you add another homebase, they will communicate to each other. You have to set the alarm seperately for each homebase and device automations work only for the devices that are connected to one homebase.

What did you end up doing Clive?

I’m looking at the Eufy systems (2K battery doorbell) but I’m not sure if the lack of integration between the Homebase 2 and external cameras/floodlights is a deal breaker.

Are they all accessible from the same app?