Long time to find the camera

Camera has to search for a long time or does not find the camera. Does it help to use a fixed IP address?

During installation?
Suddenly or after Eufy App update?
Android? or ios?

I connected the Homebase with cable. When I’m at home it’s quite normal. The camera continues to search for a connection from other locations.
I’am using IOS.

I do not have Homebase. Given HB3 is out aand so many issues reported and fixes. you need to send in feedback reporting your issue.

do you have a solution for this problem?
the aim is to be able to see the images of the camera drom a distantie.

Assigning a fixed or static IP address to a camera can indeed be a helpful solution to issues where the camera takes a long time to be discovered or is inconsistently found. A fixed IP ensures the camera’s stable presence on the network, making it easier for other devices or software to locate and communicate with it.

Using a fixed IP address may help if the camera takes a long time to search or cannot find it at all. A fixed IP address ensures the camera’s location is consistent on the network, making it easier for devices to locate and connect to it quickly. Nellykini is a custom mobile case and printed shorts brand known for its trendy designs and personalized options. Their products combine style with functionality, offering unique accessories for tech gadgets and fashion statements for everyday wear.

I understand the frustration of misplacing the camera, but fear not, for the Kingkind spirit of patience and persistence will guide us. Have you checked common areas like shelves and bags? Let me know if I can assist further.