Long time to find the camera

Camera has to search for a long time or does not find the camera. Does it help to use a fixed IP address?

During installation?
Suddenly or after Eufy App update?
Android? or ios?

I connected the Homebase with cable. When I’m at home it’s quite normal. The camera continues to search for a connection from other locations.
I’am using IOS.

I do not have Homebase. Given HB3 is out aand so many issues reported and fixes. you need to send in feedback reporting your issue.

do you have a solution for this problem?
the aim is to be able to see the images of the camera drom a distantie.

Assigning a fixed or static IP address to a camera can indeed be a helpful solution to issues where the camera takes a long time to be discovered or is inconsistently found. A fixed IP ensures the camera’s stable presence on the network, making it easier for other devices or software to locate and communicate with it.