Long range motion detection

I currently have a 2c camera set-up at the top of a long driveway, the motion detection doesn’t work until the vehicle is fairly close to the camera itself not recording much footage. Is the any other motion devices I can pair up to homebase 2 that I can set-up further down the driveway to trigger that particular camera to start recording earlier?

I picked up a 2c for this reason also. Vehicles up my drive would notify me. Easy Easy… WRONG!!! Almost impossible. This is all I wanted

Without “Vehicle AI” I just couldn’t get it to work… in fact I would just turn off the camera most of the day due to the sun or slight breezes… And with so many mounting options I tried everything.

The setup I have now is barely functional. I have the cam mounted mirror high and inches from the vehicle passing by. Almost hits it. The view is facing toward my house and set to the lowest motion setting.

I’m sure my camera will get stolen or hit… but I really don’t care anymore.

I added a motion sensor to trigger my cams because they initially weren’t getting people on my porch soon enough to get full face video. That has worked well for over a year. I did spend some time setting the sensor up and tried several locations until I got the desired results without false alerts. I put the sensor in an old blink camera case to protect it from the weather and its been up almost a year. That might be the answer to your driveway issues. The motion sensor isn’t as smart as the camera’s motion sensors, but if you find the right location, it can augment your detections.

Here is a link to my case hack. It’s not pretty but it works.
(Motion sensor outdoor):