Long delay in Alexa alert when doorbell pressed

For the last 3-4 days we’ve noticed our Doorbell 2k, when pressed, sounds in the app and on the HomeBase - but takes up to 2 hours to ring on the Alexa.

Tried disconnecting the app and re-connecting it, it made no difference. It varies between half an hour and 2 hours - but consistently every time the doorbell is pressed, it takes a long time to do anything.

Can you please sort this out!

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Same problem here (eufy s300). Started a few days ago. Delay is 30-120 min. Any help appreciated.

Same here.

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Same here

Same here for 1 Eufy Doorbell T8210 (button press anouncement) and 2 Floodlight Cam 2 Pros (motion detection anouncement). The Eufy Security app notifications come instantly. Also, the homebase notification for the doorbell is instant. Only the 4 Echo Dots and 1 Echo Show 5 have a loooong delay.

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Same here, started yesterday. Tried removing the skill and reconnecting and it has done nothing.

Same issue same date. Missed a delivery on Friday Feb 2nd due to this (am reliant on echo device notification in outbuilding). Also tried disabling the skill, removing devices from Alexa, rebooting everything. Nothing working. Sounds like this is a central issue. Eufy - please can you acknowledge the problem and that it is being worked on.

Same here, looks like mine began on 2nd Feb. Has everyone else’s started to act up at around the same time?

Same for me too. Everything was working fine till a few days ago, then Alexa notifications started being delayed by about 30 minutes. I’ve tried all the suggested troubleshooting including a full factory reset of both the base station and doorbell today but still the same. There was an update to the App at the end of January so looks like that problem started after that. Have raised a support ticket because there are lots of other complains in the Alexa Skill reviews.

I have noticed the same problem with Alexa. It is fine on the Android App, but Alexa can take up to two hours to let me know it has detected motion, or that the doorbell has been pressed. Prior to the update it was very fast and very reliable.

Hopefully Eufy can either rectify this or roll back the update.

I have same problem with Alexa taking a couple of hours to send doorbell info onwards. Spent 3 hours trying to workout the problem to no avail. Like everyone else problem started in last few days.

Same problem here. Hours of delay
Is eufy working on a fix?

I have sent email to eufy support regarding this problem. I suggest everyone does.

Yep same problem.

So this morning I am getting a more normal response - the notification seems to be back to normal. Fingers crossed this is a permanent resolution and not a blip!
Is it working for anyone else again now?

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Response from eufy support: everything should now work normally again.


Yeah, all seems to be working fine here as well from both bell pushes and motion detection.

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Response from Eufy below - they were on the case pretty quickly it seems so well done to them.

Thank you for reaching out.

We are reaching out to inform you of a recent issue that may have affected your eufy Security device’s interaction with the Alexa platform. Our team identified a backend service anomaly that caused a delay in device notifications.

We want you to know that this issue was promptly addressed and resolved on February 6th. We have taken steps to ensure that the reliability of our services is upheld and that such inconveniences are minimized in the future.

Should you have experienced any inconvenience due to this delay, we sincerely apologize and appreciate your understanding.

If you have any further questions or require additional assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Warm regards,

Welp. Looks like they broke something here again. This whole week now I’m having this issue over a month and half after they “fixed” it…

@eufy_Operation did y’all roll back out some intern code to prod breaking this again? I cannot have a 5 minute delay between a doorbell press and my Alexa notifying me. People leave after seconds.

Same problem here, purchased a E340 dual cam, worked fine with Alexa/Echo devices for a day or so, now notifications seem to be taking longer and longer to arrive via Alexa, notifications to Eufy app on phone are immediate.

Very frustrating, have tried multiple solutions suggested, disable skill, removed device/skill, unlink account etc. Nothing seems to work !!

Dual cam was added to an existing Eufy set up, consisting of a Homebase and 2 cameras. Works fine as a standalone, just huge delay in response using Alexa/Echo, which I use as at home notifications.