Lock Videos to Prevent Deletion

There should be a feature to lock important videos to prevent deletion. I regularly clean up my drive, but it gets difficult remembering which videos I don’t want to delete.

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Download the ones you want to keep. All video clips are now deleted after 90 days to comply with European data laws. They did this worldwide not too long ago, but didn’t inform users in the US. If you check your events and go back to February, you will see there are no events saved.

I clean up the events every 3-4 days and download anything I want to keep. That prevented losing the older stuff when Eufy did their stealth update that removes all the older clips. They are clearing storage daily of any video going back farther than 90 days.

90 days is almost 3 months.
A 128 gb sd card with 1080p lasts 3 wks?

This must be for hard drives rtsp.

This is for homebase connected devices. Hey don’t record continuously so 16 GB storage could go back 6 months to a year. I had events that were 6 months old saved on my homebase when they instituted the 90 day wipe and lost them.

I agree, this should be based on geolocation and there should be a notice to owners.

NA should have option setting.

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