"Loading Failed" error on homebase 2 Android app

I received “Loading Failed” on android app when performing the following steps:

Open app > Setting (the gear icon) > Video Storage > tap the question mark icon

In the past, this gave me a message, most of the time, it was a message about future support for SD card. But lately, all I got was “Loading Failed” error.

Mine does that too.

Mine too, UK customer here. It showed the devices with FAQ’s in previous update. says loading failed :thinking: so eufy has removed the power percentage and now the help section. What next eufy, need to subscribe to your cloud storage to use our devices? If you try that crap I assure you that you’ll have a huge class action lawsuit against you.

Yep me too, when going to: camera then choose notification there you can choose the sound… but when i press ? it says Loading Failed…What is the standard “sound” i do not hear anything?? so now i changed it to…bell…i hope this will work…
Soo question what does the following do: ??? (translated from dutch)
Wijzigen => Change
Melden => Notify
Beveiliging => Security
Geslaagd => Pass
Type => euhhh i guess that would translate to Typ
Can anyone explain what this does???

Did you get yours working? I’ve just now got this error.