Live view when doorbell rings

I have recently installed a wired doorbell and would like to know if it is possible to set up a command to have a live stream on the Echo show when the door bell rings.

Yes you can. On your Alexa app add routine.

I am not a tech savvy - can you please advise the routines

Setup a new routine in the Alexa app. For “When this happens”, select “Smart home” and select “Doorbell”. For “Add action”, select “Custom”. then type the command you want ( Alexa Show front door if that’s your bell name) for viewing the doorbell and what device you want it to occur on.
It works but mine is slow. I think that’s due to my internet connection.

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there’s a setting in the doorbell to optimize it for smartphones or for alexa/google home devices. try setting it to optimize for alexa/google home and see if it speeds up the view time

Please advise where to go in the door bell setting to optimize.

Go into doorbell then video quality, you will see it there

Cheers I will give it a go

Once I open the video quality, I have 4 options:

Currently it is on auto do I choose low or else.

Thank you

I select low and I am able to see live view after the doorbell notification (take a few seconds) on the Echo show . Thank you for the help.

When you go to Video Quality, you should see “Streaming to Alexa/Google Smart displays”. By default it’s on Smartphone first. Change it to Smart display first

I followed all these steps and had the show 5 start pulling the live view. Setting the stream quality to low helped but I got a green screen and buffering on the show 5 instead of the live view.

Hi, for me, the Doorbell->Echo Show 5 live video integration is simply too slow…and not a solution. I cannot accept that the once somebody clicks in my doorbell, it takes 20secs for the live video to show up in the Echo Show, whereas I need typically less then 5 secs to reach the door…
We need a dedicated Eufy doorbell video display to display the video feed once somebody rings the bell - in no MORE than 3 seconds, otherwise it’s useless…
Thanks, Giz

same here, not sure how to resolve this issue. My family is very unhappy with the delay of 20 sec. @Eufy please can we get this fix ASAP