Live Feed From Notifications

Hi Guys,

Where is the setting for me to view a live feed from my EufyCam 2 upon getting a motion notification? Its defaulted to taking me directly to the recording. Been searching through the forums and although alot has been written on Live Feeds I cannot seem to find the setting from my Android app.

Thanks in advance.

Go to the camera menu in the app and select Notification.

Then select which type of notification you want. I use Full Effect so that I get a quick text notification, followed by the thumbnail when it is ready. That way, you can click on the thumbnail and see the clip without opening the app.

Does this provide a live feed? Or a quicker way to get to the recorded clip?

I hoping to bypass any recordings and get to the live feed.

Having issues with notifications all settings are correct I have made sure but sometimes I will get a notification but not all the time I sent one hub back that I brought from a 3rd party seller thinking this was the issue but same issue on new one I have the wireless doorbell same issue on both the delay when the notification comes is horrible as well I hope this is fixed in a future update

Now, it just gives you a way to get directly to the current clip. The app used to have an option that you could set in Notifications to go to either Live View or the current clip. Looks like they took the Live View option away at some point.

Notification delays are usually either network induced or device issues.

If your internet doesn’t have a good solid Upstream connection, you will get delays sending notifications from the homebase to the AWS notification service that Eufy uses.

If your phone has battery or background data optimizations, this can cause up to hours of delay on notify. The phone won’t be listening all the time, so it will miss the notifications. This is the easiest to check. Look for Power Saving Exclusions and give the EufySecurity app an exclusion. This will prevent the phone from turning off the Eufy app to save battery.

Also, check that the Eufy app has background data turned On.

Note: These are the Android settings that effect notifications. I believe that iPhone also has some comparable settings, but since I haven’t had an iPhone for quite a while, I can’t help with those.

Ty my data settings are right I’m using virgin hub it’s recording most the time people who are in view of camera but phone notification just not going of I thought might be because me and mum have different operating systems she’s on I phone I’m on Android but don’t think this should cause an issue iv replaced the hub already so hopefully it gets resolved

Sorry for the confusion. The answer is no