Linking doorbell to laptop

Hello, recently brought a Eufy doorbell, I can link it to my phone but not to my laptop has anyone been successful in doing this,

Download the Bluestacks Android emulator on your Laptop and then run the Eufy Security Android app on that. Works fine. Bluestacks is free at The Eufy Android app can be gotten from either the Google Play store or, if you want to avoid Google, use Bluestacks does show a game ad or two at loading but after that, its clean.


If rather see Eufy release the software for windows. I tried Bluestacks but I can’t get the video to work. The doorbells have been out for years yet no support for a windows based device. Sad.

The Eufy Android app works the same on Bluestacks as is does on any Android phone or tablet device. I think the way the Bluestacks solution works, Eufy decided to skip a PC based device because it saves them a huge amount of development time. I haven’t talked to anyone who has had a problem using Eufy on Bluestacks. Not sure why yours would’nt work.

There are other Android emulators, but Bluestacks is the easiest to use. The only other way to access you Eufy devices is use the Eufy Portal from a browser.

When I try using the Eufy Portal in a browser, it started I have no devices. I only have the wired doorbell and that seems to be treated differently than all the security cameras.

As far as relying on an Android emulator to save development of an app for windows, kinda cheap to me. I think it’s more so they don’t want to support a windows app. Are you successful using a wired doorbell in the emulator? Or are you using security cameras?

If you use a separate account for the wired doorbell on the portal, you may have to add the device to that account through the Family and Guest menu. There is a section at the bottom of the page that allows Manage Shared Devices and you need to find your doorbell there and add it for any accounts that aren’t admin. The Wired doorbell is a different type of device than most of the security cams that use the Homebase, but once it is set up, it looks the same to the app.

I don’t have any issues seeing my wired and wireless doorbells in the Eufy app, the web portal, or the Bluestacks emulator. They all show up and work fine.

As far as relying on an existing piece of software to do everything a Windows app can do, I undersand why they would do that. Windows software takes time and money to write and even more to maintain. If someone else has already created a program running on Windows and maintains it for free, it frees up your developers to fix existing problems and create new functionality. Bluestacks work perfectly well on Windows or Mac when paired with the Eufy Android app and saves writing and maintaining more code.