Lifehackster to review Smart lock

Just seen on YouTube lifehackster is going to be reviewing Eufy’s Smart lock. So for those looking at the smart lock I would suggest looking out for his review.

There also this video by mayiandjay

Thought it be useful before someone commits to purchasing one.

And no I don’t work for YouTube or Eufy. Just thought that with you tubers like JerryRigEverything doing camera reviews for Eufy it be good to highlight other Eufy products being reviewed

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@Haadsecure I totally agree with you. Like you said it’s all about how much homework you put into researching something that makes the difference.

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so yesterday when the servers went down yet again i would have to break into my own home. i don’t think so. eufy needs to work on the stability of their current product line instead of releasing more and more half baked additions.

Try saying that to Microsoft with their new Xbox…

windows update 2004 needs looking at.

If you want Eufy to focus on something don’t buy their other products, as I’ve been told many a times “vote with ya feet lad”

Edit: I would also like to add the video above shows there a key option to open your door…

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@dpoppo The lock is a stand alone unit, if you look it up on Amazon you will see that it doesn’t connect to a homebase or anything. Rather it connects to your phone for setup via Bluetooth like many other smart locks


remember your post when your breaking into your home

Will do, especially if I lose all 5 keys Eufy send with the lock…

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the first key will likely break off in the lock. (:>

I’m not even going to humour you anymore.

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Honestly the key to good reviews is just wait. If you really need something you probably in the right mind wouldn’t go with the product you’re skeptical of so might as well wait or not look at the product at all. Just my thoughts and how I work


True, if the reviewers buy their own products (like Consumer Report does), then they might be more objective, i.e. if they didn’t like something, then they would really be critical. But if a reviewer is getting free products from everyone, and they review all the brands, then they’re going to be pretty unbiased.

At least for Lifehackster, he reviews many, many different brands. Just to name a few, he reviews Wyze, Arlo, EZVIZ, Ring, Toucan, Blink, Litmore, Armcrest, Eufy …

He has 273 videos all related to security cameras. I’ve only watched about 10 of his videos, but he seems very objective.

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I can tell you from past experience working with Anker or any of its other sister brands that they want you to be objective and find the flaws in their products so they can address and fix the issues. I have not experienced as you mentioned that they will pass over you if you are critical and subjectjve of the products you review, they take that and learn and build off it.

Your right, it could happen but as I said fromm experience and this goes back the past 3 years I jave not experienced this myself. And I have been critical and criticized them on the forum and in my youtube videos that I have done.