Lens crak on 2 of my cameras

Hi There,
I have 6 of your cameras. (4 Eufycam from Kickstarter and 2 Eufycam 2C)
This morning I observed crack on the lens of 2 of my cameras.( the original ones)
While they do work perfectly, I never even noticed on image, I’m surprised that it happened on two of them.
What to do ?

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E-mail support - that’s what they’ll likely tell you to do here anyway.

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@Fred16 Sorry to hear that, but it’s a known issue with the original eufycam. Reach out to support@eufylife.com with your serial numbers, receipt etc., they will be glad to replace them for you.

Very true, In this case only support can help to determine if they can replace the defective cameras.

Thank you for reaching out.

For the warranty claim, please contact the support@eufylife.com,. We will have our customer support team to assist you with this case.

Thank you and looking forward to hearing back from you.

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