Leaving Delay Not Working with Cameras

Despite having a leaving delay set on away mode my exterior cameras still send a motion notification when I pass during the countdown period. Other devices in the system act correctly.


I’m facing the same situation, pretty annoying!

The leave delay is specifically made for the alarms.
All devices switch modes immediately, but the alarm will be triggered as long as you are in this leave delay.

I am facing the same issue. I have called Eufy for three times to no avail. They keep telling me to toggle things around, but they don’t want to accept that on the delay modes all the buttons are pushed but the triggers are still going off as I’m going to my car! They keep blaming it on me, but I have even set it up to 300s, but the moment I pass by the eufy 2C cam, the alarm goes off. Also, whenever I hit save on the delay function, it still comes up with a notification that certain alarms are still enabled during this mode… Worthless to have any alarm or leaving delay

This really should be fixed. Camera alarm sounds and recording are really annoying within the alarm delay. For an alarm system this is really bad…

Imagine what a great camera system this could be if they just “fixed” the little crap!?! They simply don’t care.

Did you set up the alarm to go on when the homebase alarm is on?
If not, that’s your problem.

Who are you directing this snuff 2?

Leaving delay also doesn’t work on the sensors. The notifications still go off (without activating the homebase alarm). Only difference is that the sensors don’t have an alarm sound function and the camera do have there own alarm sound.

Eufy replied that the delay only works on the homebase, not on the cameras.

I’m still waiting for a fix. This should be fixed with an update.

You need to send feedback, they dont read community forum: in main page of app, Help, then at bottom : feedback - product - suggestion - description of issue

Yes. I’ve already did this. Hope more people can do this. Hopefully they will fix it sooner…

I am a new user, and having notifications EXCLUDED from “Leaving Delay” is a real joke…

It makes me wonder - have they even tested the alarm by themselves in a real situation?

I get, at a minimum, three totally unnecessary notifications when arming the house.

Please help each other and send an email to support@eufylife.com, so they can correct this embarrassing bug.

Any news here?

Still not fixed.

I’m having the same issue. I have leaving delay set to 3 minutes to give me some time to leave the house and get in a car. As soon as I set the alarm to away mode on the keypad, I still get notifications from door sensors and cameras as I leave the house. Has this issue been adressed?