Latest update messed up my doorbell

Tha latest update for the Wired Doorbell is a bad one. I can’t now see or play my recordings or live stream.
Eufy software team is in need of more help or more experienced people, so they can actually deliver on the promise of their products.
Can’t use a product that works poorly every time it’s updated and it’s supposed to be better. Do better Eufy.

True here as well, now it always shows as offline ever since the update, worked perfectly before. Any way to roll it back?

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What system version is the wired doorbell now? Have you tried any troubleshooting?

My doorbell T8200 is on firmware 2.325 updated on 10/11. is acting normal without any issues.
Which version you had? Have you tried restart the doorbell>?

What promise you are referring to>?

Same after the last firmware update I can’t view live stream or notification on mobile data, I can basically use it connected to WiFi

T8200 on 3.238 so it means you haven’t updated yet.

What promise you are referring to>?

The promise of their products working as they should: Reliable. Imagine now someone trying to break in my home and I don’t have proof because the software on my doorbell sucks! Back when I installed it, It was flawless but with every software update it’s been worse.

I’ve re-installed it twice and rebooted it many times. There’s nothing else to do but return it, and I know it won’t work because it’s a software issue.

I had a problem with my Home Base, and have just now received a replacement, so I’ll be setting up my video doorbell later today. Will report back on whether I get the same issue as you have reported.

Are the firmware updates documented somewhere so that we can see what was “fixed” or changed in each release?

Have forwarded to the customer service, it needs analysis


Those were just made available here:
Firmware app version update records consolidation

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Thanks, @Hawkster for the nudge, and @Mengdi for posting the updates.

Fwiw, I’ve just realised that my DB is battery-driven, so I can’t compare my experience with you others after all.