Latest update a joke has made cameras sensors totally useless with constant recording of nothing!

It’s become very clear in the. Community that this is a serious issue that the company has yet to fix .
Even now as I write this the cameras are giving me notifications with useless footage of nothing.


Yes, cameras are now useless…thinking it was a bad buy. New update needed ASAP.


I’ve got the same issue, emailed support but no response as yet. They really should at a minimum allow roll back of updates.


I have the same issues since the last update when the cameras decide to work. One camera has no sound the other two cameras record nothing but I get notifications to tell me something as been spotted they are more offline that actually working :triumph:


This Update is a total failure.


After the last couple updates my cameras are slow to send me updates to my phone, and my front porch camera doesn’t record half the time. Starting to wish I would have went with a different camera company.

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Yeah, this update is not acceptable…

UPDATE …there was another update made last night and partially things seem to be ok for the moment will confirm next 24hrs if this is all correct

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I’m still at 4.4.3 and it’s still bad

They seem to be working with people motion but ZERO recording on cars …like absolutely no car notifications at all ?! Drove in and out of my garage with no recordings at all , shared driveway has cars gpinbn up and down and now won’t record one single one ??? What are these guys doing !!!

First time owner here. Wireless doorbell cam… 1080p version… what is going on with it. Everything seemed ok yesterday morning and then it did a firmware update and now it’s just naff. No notifications on Apple or Android and if I do a full delete and relinquish everything it’s ok for a minute and then gone again. It’s a great looking bit of gear but I expected better from Anker.

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Yup!.. have been dealing with this issue for almost 2 weeks now… yikes! When I got my setup just over a year ago, everything was great, even would get contacted by Support with in 24hrs no matter the issue. Now the whole system is jacked! I’m getting notified of nothing and I have done everything thing. Complete disconnect and reinstall. Now Support is nonexistent… but hey they can put out a bunch of sales and make sure to stay on top of that … I’m done. Not even worth selling. Straight trash

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Ok so I’ve finally got a reply from them saying they have updated my home base directly since then everything seems to be working fine .
It’s becoming clear the cameras and home base work fine when the correct firmware is added .
Please see below email and firmware update you will need , I hope this helps .
You will need to send them a log from your home base.
Sorry for having kept you waiting for so long.

Try to resolve the issue, a new Homebase firmware ( has been pushed to your Homebase, would you please keep an eye on the issue and let us know if there is any improvement? You can check the firmware via Homebase settings>Device Info

Apologies again for all this inconvenience and thanks for your assistance in this matter.

Do You guys get notifications?

I havent been receiving notifications fir 2 weeks now. Latest “fix” broke the notifications again. I hate how inconsistent the system is. I’m considering changing the security system

As of the 5th April, about 2pm AU time my cameras stopped recording, I did not notice till I needed to check footage for if a pet got out and nothing. At first I thought the Cameras were overwhelmed as we had about 30 people over on 5th and I forgot to turn off the cameras. (until I saw this post)

I tried the usual resets from app, reset internet in case etc, no change, in app you there was no connection to camera/timeout and more so the preview was showing the same for other cameras, i.e the back door showed what was at the car port. Reset from app to home base would make it work for 1 time then fail again.

I contacted Eufy support who suggested to remove the cameras and re-add and/or to change the home base to WiFi connection, the later I am not sure how that was going to help cause I was connected via LAN cable and other device coming off that switch were working fine.

Support Notes

  • Please try removing the camera and re-add it in the app.
  • The HomeBase has a WiFi Repeater mode which can provide flexibility in the camera installation location. Would you please have a try? You can enable this feature in your eufy app. (My Device > Homebase Name > Homebase Settings > Connection > WiFi setup)
    If the issue persists, could you please help us with the following information? Then we will analyze if the issue is caused by the new firmware.
    -The camera’s serial number on the camera or you can find it in the eufy app camera settings>Device Info>Serial Number.

Anyways last night I:

  1. reset the home base with the reset button on back rather than using app to do it (theory is app was connected but not really connected)
  2. I removed the LAN cable and re-plugged it into the home base (in case it was loose or need the connection to be broken to then reset it)
  3. As per Support, deleted 1 camera first to see.

After all 3 (not sure which one fixed it) things started working again and I connected the camera back to homebase.
Glad I only had to do one else all my config would have been lost.

Worth noting, on the web portal, the same thing was happening, so I think its more an issue with homebase. Weirdly I don’t see any updates to my phone app or message under system that home base was updated since a week or more before the 5th, so this leads to me also think something on Eufy side has caused the issue thus why some are having issues.

will monitor for next few days to

Homebase ver:
Camera ver: 19.3

What I’ve gotten out of your comment is that you had 30 people over on the 5th. Wtf is wrong with you?

If anyone is having problems still ask them to push the firmware to the home base everything is working perfectly now with no issues

I’m in Australia and I assume your referring to why with covid? Well simple. We have no lockdown or restrictions here at present and handling covid well. We are lucky to be able to close our borders easily and have zero community transmitted cases.

So there is nothing wrong me and nothing wrong to have family over to celebrate a birthday. Sorry if you can’t.

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Having the same issues, doorcam won’t pick up people right in front of it, it has its own selective intelligence of humans, got a truck last night and a person’s shoe, lol. It was doing fine out of the box and a couple days later, no good, I’ve been trying to tweak the activity area to the wdr being off and on, even the sensitivity, nothing. I walk out directly in front of it and it don’t do nothing.