Late detection Eufy CamE

Hi there, does anyone else have trouble getting their eufy Cam E cameras to detect movement from more than 2 or 3 metres away? I bought two eufy CamE two camera kits last November. Two mounted at the front of the house and two at the rear. Having just bought a eufy doorbell which detects movement from a good 6mtrs away, I’ve realised how bad the motion detection and subsequent late recording of the Cam E is. They are mounted around 2 Mtrs high and according to the directions. Adjusting the sensitivity doesn’t seems to make any difference other than when set high I get all the nuisance notifications from the neighbours cats. Any advice?

I’ve got 4 cam E’s and they are all mounted about 3 meters off the ground and the motion detection is very good. 2 are at opposite ends of my back yard and they pickup anything as large as a person, but don’t give me any false alerts. The other two cover the front porch and one side of the house. I actually like the cam Es better than my 2Cs with their fancy human detection.

I have all my cam E’s set up with motion detection at 85% and activity zones to minimize any trees or plants setting them off. I am very pleased with the results. The only false alarm I had was a woodpecker that landed on the camera and set off an alert. So I turned on the anti-theft siren and next time he did that it scared him away and he hasn’t returned.