Last couple of weeks, activity zones not working

The last couple of weeks, both my doorbell (battery powered) and Cam E setting seem to be messed up, the cam E is setting off constantly with motions in the day outside the set zones, it used to hardly pick up anything with sensitivity set in the mid 80’s, but now it is picking up dozens of movements each day outside the set zones and I have set sensitivity to 65.

The doorbell is similar, used to be set to all motions on high sensitivity 5 within a set zone with no issues, now picks up dozens of movements 10m or so outside the set zone with sensitivity set to 2

Seems to be after hub update. Anyone else have similar issues?

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should add,

homebase ver 1.3.3h 27th Oct
cam E ver 1.9.3
doorbel ver 18th Nov

Same here…my wired doorbell was working pretty much flawlessly up until about 5 days ago when I started getting false activity alarms during the night…Last night maybe 8 clips…I’ve had to turn notifications off. Seems to only be overactive st night in my case…Help!!!

Same here.
After the last problems with update with zones and human detection not working.

I updated to everything was working as should be.

But the last few days with the same firmware. Zones are not working at all. Only during night time. During te day they are working.

Homebase2 + eufycam 2c


Same problem here. Got my cams yesterday. So far everything is fine, except to the fact that the activity zones don’t work at all. Hope a new update will fix this issue soon. Otherwise i will have to return them.

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Same here… no luck

Same with me. It seemed to work really well for the first day and now it’s picking up motion everywhere.

I’m on doorbell and Homebase and I am getting absolutely no motion detection whatsoever in my activity zone, only doorbell presses! I have it set to people only however it’s only happened since the latest Homebase update.

I complained to Eufy and they said they will send me a new doorbell, I don’t think it’s the doorbell I think it’s the software however I will accept a new doorbell regardless.

I am getting the same issue with my doorbell. I eliminated the street and yet it records everyone and everything that goes by on the street which is 60 feet or more away from the camera!