Large home - distance b/w HB3 and individual cameras

Hi, I am sure that multiple home owners who have the EufyCam system also have large homes.

What is the option (apart from buying multiple HomeBases) to increase the range from the HB to the cameras?

My place has a garage separate to the house. Its about 15 meters from the HB location. I’d like to have a camera located there.

We also have a downstairs space (under a deck), where I’d like another camera at the back door. This is about 15 meters from the HB too. There are walls etc in the way. I am unable to find a position that provides video (4K) footage as the signal to the cameras is too weak (poor).

What can I do?

Is Eufy the wrong solution … i.e. do I need to throw it out and go for a wired solution?

Any help/ideas would be appreciated.

There is a new HB3 feature called multibridge. It allows your cameras to use your existing wifi to connect to the HB3. The feature availability is limited to certain cameras but I think Eufy is adding support to more cameras. I would contact them and ask if the feature is coming to the camera models you have or planning to get. Hope this helped.

Cool. Thanks so much.

I’ll investigate.

If you have good wifi connection where you want the camera Eufy also offers a wide range of cameras that connect directly to your wifi and dont need a homebase.


The cameras I am using are Eufy E330.
Any idea if these cameras will support that function, which I feel is called multibridge? Is that correct?

BTW, how do I access the mutlibridge function?

When I go into the app, there is no option for multibridge. Am I going crazy?

Open the Settings interface of your HomeBase 3. Once there, look for the Multi-Bridge function.

I’m struggling with poor signal strength between my HomeBase and cameras located in distant areas such as my garage and under the deck. Despite trying various troubleshooting steps, including optimizing camera placement and adjusting my router settings, I’m still unable to achieve reliable video footage in managed office space in Sydney areas. This issue is particularly frustrating as I rely on the EufyCam system for comprehensive security coverage of my property.