Keypad won't change security mode "some devices need bypass"?

I’m having a problem with my wall mounted Keypad. When I try to change the security mode while I have the front door (with a door sensor on it) already open for me to leave, the system won’t let me set the security mode to “AWAY”. It refuses this and will sound a spoken error from the Homebase, saying something like “some devices need manual bypass” or something. I have no clue how or where to fix this.

I have tried re-adding the Kepyad to the system and resetting all devices and adding everything from scratch. I also changed the leaving delay and alarm delay for the “AWAY” mode to 15-30sec. Nothing seems to help.

Anyone here with the same problem or who can point me in the right direction for some kind of fix for this?

your trying to arm the system with your front door open thats the problem, leave the door closed and arm the system then open it and leave. Thats why there is a leave delay so you can safely exit the premises without the alarm going off. Any sensor left opened when trying to be armed will need to be manually bypassed, hence the warning

I was thinking this could be the problem yes. But I also just found out I could “bypass” this by hitting the V (Ok) key on the Numpad. This will let me have the door open when going out, and it will still arm the door sensor when the Alarm activates after 30 secs.

Strange that Eufy doesn’t tell you about this. Now I figured out how this works, it’s Ok to work with and I understand the error messages is there to warn you about potential doors/windows still open in the house, when you try to leave.

Hi, I’m getting the same issue but not the same scenario.

Door is closed, all entry sensors are displaying closed, yet when pressing away on the keypad I get the bypass message.

Any idea why?

You probably have a device that’s not in its normal mode. A camera or other device set to off. I think that if you have notifications and recording turned off for a device when you try to switch modes to Away that it will give you the bypass message. The small booklet that comes with the keypad has a brief explanation, but its doesn’t describe all the things that could cause bypass.

Managed to figure it out, I had the camera disabled as I hadn’t fitted it yet. Now it’s fitted and camera on, works as expected

Thanks for the help!

Same issue. I can’t disarm Away mode, it asks for bypass. Why?! This is very inconvenient.

Check the app, it will tell you what needs bypassing.

Ok, thanks. But how do I disable that “feature”? It does not make sense that it asks me to bypass, and then I can just bypass it with a simple click on the keypad. Why this extra click?

In the manual there is a mention what to do when it goes into bypass mode, I don’t know it by heart.
In any case, check which sensor is triggering it and see if you can fix it (eg. close the door the sensor is on)

Its telling you that all conditions aren’t normal and giving you the option to bypass the problem device anyway. If you have a camera or device turned off, it’s reminding you of that before allowing you to switch modes.

Makes perfect sense to do this. If it didn’t give you the warning and you had limited coverage of an area, wouldn’t you want to know that before you left?

Here is the BIG fail with bypass… if you ignore the bypass warning or just miss it ( happened to me, well my girlfriend opened the door then hit away and closed the door ). Once alert is missed the system has a choice to make … arm the system anyway or don’t. The intent of the user was to arm and protect me. Default should be the button I hit !!!
Yes it is my fault. But. The system did its job and warned you something was wrong. After that it should act like it cares about your security. Bad choice Eufy.

Almost all alarm systems do not trigger or notify users once a sensor is bypassed unless it’s reset. So I don’t see how this Isa fault of Eufy when every system I have ever came across acts the same way

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Don’t normal alarm systems usually specify which sensor needs bypassing, i.e. ‘sensor front door open’ or something similar? It was really unclear what the bypass notification meant to me at first and I only figured out how to use the ✓ to arm the alarm through my own trial and error. It’s the only thing about this alarm system that I really dislike. An audible notification to tell you wich device is causing the problem -and its current state- would make so much more sense .

It’s in the manual stating what to do. So if you managed to work with it by ‘trial and error’ that would imply you didn’t read the manual.
Aside from that, in the app it shows you what sensor needs bypass so you can see which one causes the situation.

I’m a native English speaker and found the manual to be a little unclear. You’re a bit sassy aren’t you John ?

Also , I’d sooner not have to open the app to see the state of my sensors when I hear the ‘bypass’ notification, that was the purpose of getting a physical keypad to begin with .

@Tank @John0 So let me get this straight. You both work for Eufy security as a monitor. Your watching my house… you see that somebody (girlfriend, dog walker, gardener, cleaning service, parent ) pressed the away key on the keypad. A fault happens because a door was open. You have a choice ( just like the keypad does ) do you:

  1. Press the check button and set the system to do the best it can to secure them?

  2. Shut the security system completely OFF. Secure in your knowledge that they should have known better??? Its right there on page 14 of the manual.

Ok maybe the default could be 1, but then you’d get people saying ‘my door is unmonitored, eufy bad!’.
Also, do you always use stuff without reading/scanning the manual first? I mean, it’s very short and as it’s a security product I’d want to know how to use it correctly.

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I know how it works. But like I said earlier … many people use the keypad. Im just happy they try at all…

I’m sorry. I thought you were giving a general ‘what if’ scenario.

What you could do, and probably have done already, is to instruct the users to close all windows/gates/doors. That’s of course the first line of defense and should be done regardless of the presence of a security system. Otherwise, but more complex, is to explain or hang the manual next to the keypad.

For eufy it’s also difficult to activate sensors like in option 1. You effectively have an open entry that’s not enforced, so the rest of the security system would be crippled anyway (as most burglars scout ahead a bit). In certain countries that could lead to lawsuits.

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