Keypad and motion sensor now available on

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When are the motion sensors & keypad going to be available in the uk?

Also the entry sensors are currently unavailable to buy at the moment from Eufy UK website or Amazon UK at the moment

I do not know that’s a good question. You could probably ask @Mengdi he would know.

Website is title is incorrect. It’s

Opps! Thanks for the correction @User1477!

Great find @Joel5 :ok_hand:

Thanks, @Ice4! For some reason, it says it is out of stock which is weird considering it was released today.

@Joel5 you might want to change the category to News as well

I’m pretty sure News is for Admins. If you want to check it out there is a conversation where @Mengdi says it is for admins only.

Hmm… too bad, it has to end up in “Off Topic” section :thinking:
@Mengdi your thoughts please??

They have not updated Amazon yet about the release date?

@joel5 you might copy the links to the page so users can buy right from there:

To be honest I had no idea you could do that

Well, now you know :wink:

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In my opinion I would rather buy just the keypad and some sensors than getting ANOTHER Homebase2! I already have 2 and it’s not worth it unless they are sold separately

@LlewellynPhotography Yes, you can buy them separate as well. I’m actually thinking the same. I have 2 entry sensors along with eufycam and homebase, so just need another motion sensor to make it a complete kit.
I can manage the system from my eufysecurity app to arm/disarm, so need to think twice whether to buy the whole system with keypad or not :thinking:

@Ice4 Yeah I was mainly talking about the keypad but kudos not he other points I will be getting sensors separate I guess they will still work with or without the keypad thanks be safe :v:t2:

Also can this be used outside as a sensor motion sensor to trigger the camera if its to far away for camera activation

I do not know but it is a possibility that they will make a outdoor one though!

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@LlewellynPhotography @Joel5 see my response in another topic. This is possible and I’m using it now with entry sensor and you can use it with motion sensor as well.

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@Ice4 Thanks will have a look. Also this is pretty funny not ready for sale but its up and also eufy really needs to spell check there listings or anything they say.

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Doesn’t appear they’ll be releasing this in the UK anytime soon which is a little disappointing. Will have to try and source in the US and get delivered.