Jammer alarm to be urgently implemented

Will I get an alarm when a burglar is stopping my WiFi cams to work? (S330 eufyCam 3 + HomeBase 3) As far as I’ve read the postings in this community, Anker did not yet implement this. I feel, it’s absolutely a must for a good security system.

In fact, it’s easy to disturb wireless camera and alarm systems by Radio Frequency Jamming? In fact, Radio Frequency or RF Jamming is one of the easiest methods of defeating a wireless system – it’s the wireless equivalent of cutting the wires on a traditional wired system.
Wireless cams & security systems – and anything that runs off a wireless signal – communicates via radio frequency (RF). Jamming is, when those signals are overpowered by an even stronger signal – essentially a signal that is “louder” and drowns out the regular wireless frequency. This information is readily available in internet, by example on this YouTube video: https://youtu.be/r63--2RMvJE

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to overcome this intrusion technique by affordable means, but it’s at least possible to alarm about an ongoing attack.