It's official - DO NOT REMOVE floodlight camera from app 'Remove Device' as it will BRICK your camera!

A few weeks ago, i removed a floodlight camera from the app as I was going to send it back.
a few days later I decided to put it on a different side of our house.

It just would not connect. I tried and tried, spoke to Eufy, they strongly suggested it was my wifi etc…in the end they said the device was faulty.

I was 100% sure the lights have a block it in, for if its stolen that if someone has it, it can NOT be used.
Eufy said this is not the case, as one click of a button and you will have a device that will not work.

So today I did something which to the result i wanted and proved my point…but at the same time equality as stupid as now I have no floodlight camera again!!

Today - my NEW floodlight arrived from amazon, and connected it straight away to the app and is PERFECT !!! and then tried my test. I was just convinced that this is the case - so i wanted to try this straight away, rather click remove now than a year down the line and have equality no support and no knowledge as they have now.

I deleted all saved files from the app, and then clicked remove. It confirmed the device was removed.

I then went to install it again, the light is still showing in my wifi as connected and its just purely the app that won’t show the camera as its performing as normal with the light coming on with the sensor and the night vision showing on the front the light when dark - it just will not connect in the app and will not show.

I am now thinking this could be 100% the same for the other cameras in this range too.
I don’t want to try any others for now.

If anyone is brave enough too ! please try Eufy cam 2 etc and feedback!!

Or if anyone has any feedback of what to do during this as Eufy I have had 6 phone calls now and opened up 2 email helps etc…they are convinced it not the software or lights…this is proof that it is.

(got to send another back now!!! - unless someone has a work around !)

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That eufy quality shining though, as usual.

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I know,

I have several of their products and I just wanted to prove to myself that the excuses they gave me on the phone why the floodlight camera was not working was not what they were saying, here are a few of them

EUFY: You need to have proper power into the light, are you sure you have it connected to electric?
ME: Yes, its connected to mains - inside the house for testing
EUFY: Oh, this is why its not working, the light is supposed to be for outside!!!

EUFY: You do know it needs strong wifi for this to connect as its not to the homebase, 2mb is minimum.
ME: Yes, I have tested it outside and inside right next to my router
EUFY: Brilliant, what speeds are you getting in this location.
ME: 515mb, we have good wifi here
EUFY: Oh thats too fast, you might need to get it lowered…can you contact your service provider

EUFY: Hmmmmmm it is the Eufy app you are trying?
ME: Yes, Eufy security - same that I have the Eufy cam 2 on
EUFY: have you tried taking the Eufy cam 2 off and just using the Floodlight?
ME: No, what difference would this make?
EUFY: Might be that the Eufy cam 2 is not compatible!
ME: Seriously?
EUFY: Think so, most people only have one or the other
ME: Never heard of that before, you even have various images showing a mix of cameras om your website
EUFY: Thats for sales purposes im afraid!!!

This is what I have had been told and to be honest - its worried me to the point where I am very worried if this company is able to look after a security product and as I have always said - they should 100% have got their cameras to be looked after by Amazon/Apple or google or someone like that to look after the software, customer services and server as an electronics company - they are BRILLIANT!!!

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Can anyone from Eufy come back to me please.

I have spoken to your team today and who suggested I try connecting it via the app - which i explained thats how we all do and I have done over 60 times with 2 x floodlights.

I also said is there a block from if someone takes the light that its blocked and they said - they can only let me know this if its taken!..i said - its with me now and it wont work, but they explained they can’t give this information out. They have my info that I bought the light! and that it was registered yesterday on the app, but other than that - they can’t help me with the answer only until someone takes it she explained several times !!!

They have said its just mine that they know of.

Anyone willing to try with theirs !!!

is there any response regarding this issue?

I have the same issue i changed our modem and the floodlight camera stopped working. I removed the device to try and reconnect it but now the red led doesnt flash to go into connection mode.

@AnkerSupport @Mengdi @Yanyee1 Any advice?

Hello, I am the PM of the security software team. If the device is moved to another place for binding, it may be too far away due to weak Wi-Fi signal and unable to bind. What is your email address? You can send it to me via private message or the customer service team via We will further check your problem.

If the device is moved to another place for binding, it may be too far away due to weak Wi-Fi signal and unable to bind. What is your email address? You can send it to me via private message or the customer service team via We will further check your problem.

@Yanyee1 did you see the customer service 2 response. he tried it next to the router and it did not work.

I did this too. Upgraded my router, then floodlight M doesn’t work.

The motion sensor works and if detected then lights come.on, but no camera.

I tried another floodlight cam and that works.

I resorted to removing the floodlight cam, added a normal motion sensor and used my existing house lights. I just added a cam 2 to where I wanted video coverage.

When first mounted, I loved the floodlight cam, now I think its rubbish.

Please send me your email address by private message, or the customer service team ( so that we can inquire the details and give you one-to-one guidance.

I removed my cam and struggled to reconnect and after reading you’re post I thought I’d bricked mine too but the way iv managed to reconnect my cam was by instead of connecting the can too the WiFi as I did before I connected my phone to the cam then it connected to the WiFi from there hope this helps


I am going through the same problem now (you can see my post)

What I don’t follow is what do you mean you “connected your phone to the camera” Did you turn your phone into a hot spot or something?

EXACT SAME BEGINNING; Different SAME UNUSABLE ENDING: Here’s my story. Happened all in one short weekend. Up on a ladder installed two Eufy Floodlight Cams Hardware Version 2.2 purchased January 21, 2021 at a local Best Buy. Both Were working fine. I happen to need a new iPad and it sometimes needs pounding and on my fault I pounded TWICE on REMOVE Side B. Poof, picture Side B from Eufy App was gone in a flash. No problem I thought to myself. I’ll just add it back in. NOPE❗️Tried it again and again x 10. NOPE❗️All with my husband near killing himself pressing the SYNC button repeated times to try to add it back in. The error was UNABLE TO JOIN NETWORK. WellI have Eero 6 and it shows Eufy Side A active working fine and Eufy Side B in recently active. So I call Eufy SUPPORT. Lady walks me through it, tells me it’s Eero’s fault. That because Eero WiFi has it listed as recently active, Eufy can’t help that it won’t let me ADD to WHAT’S ALREADY ADDED. So call me crazy, but what do I do, I don’t go get another Eufy, I go buy ANOTHER ADVANCED EERO WIFI SYSTEM $200. More than the last one. OK, I Assign new WiFi name, new password, ddelete Eufy download new Eufy app…BUT, BUT, BUT, EUFY KNOWSSSSSS ME. IT NOWS I HAVE SIDE A on one side of my house and a SIDE B that was R-E-M-O-V-E-D …Well as my Dad used to say, “I’ll be a son of a gun” … a NO-SHOW Side B again, a looking fine ‘recently active Side B’ in The NEW Eero that again was unable to join…for CERTAIN, it wasn’t the WiFi; that Eufy APP BRICKED or BLACKLISTED or -PROHIBITTED IT FOREVER MORE from joining back it’s hardwired identity to itts Software Application. That to me means, you can never move, remove or accidentally pound the remove button, or as the ORIGINATOR OF THIS THREAD,, EXPLAINS, IT WILL, INDEED B-R-I-C-K YOU❗️

Hello. I cannot get the floodlight camera to connect when new. I have two routers each dual bandwidth. I have tried connecting to either and I have disabled 5ghz on both with no success. My phone connects to the eufy floodlight. But the floodlight will not connect to the wifi

Hi any update on this?

I have 2 camera bricked. One I had to move locations and 1 I had to reset as it went very pink

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