Issues with 2 Home Base units

First off, our first Eufy purchase was a Homebase 2 with a pair of wifi cameras. Recently we bought a Eufy battery doorbell which came with a second Homebase 2. I charged the doorbell from our original Homebase, installed the camera and plugged the new Homebase into a wifi extender on a different floor of the home. Both units sound upon doorbell activation which is what we want as the sound is not very loud. However, the new Homebase has a flashing blue light. Have I forgotten a step in the setup? I could not find an answer, hoping someone could help.

Blinking blue light indicates connected to the network but setup has not been completed. That really doesn’t give you an answer as far as what needs to be completed.
Go through the settings of the homebase and doorbell to see if anything is possibly highlighted that needs to be set.
Other than that someone may post with better help or you may need to contact eufy support.

HomeBase 2 LED Indicator Light Status and Its Meaning

LED Indicator Light Status

Blinking red = Ready for setup

Solid red = Failed to connect to the network

Blinking blue = Connected to the network successfully but has not been setup

Solid blue = Setup successfully

Blinking red and blue alternately = Upgrading firmware

Why not just run everything on your original Homebase? One Homebase is good for 16 cameras and 16 sensors and if your doorbell can reach the original Homebase you will have a much easier time managing your home devices.

Homebases only talk to devices paired with them, not each other. This makes managing multiple Homebases a pain.

That came to mind, however the first Homebase is in my second floor office, and at full volume cannot be heard on the ground floor. Relatively useless as a front doorbell. With both Homebase units connected, at least we get a ring on both floors until another sounding device can be added, ideally louder than the Homebases.

Maybe the last resort, perform the setup again?