Issues since latest updates

I have a battery doorbell T8210 on firmware, the eufy app updated recently stating it has added a new power saving mode, this never showed up on my software so I contacted Eufy support who told me the following:

We are really sorry for any inconvenience that occurred. It is a new battery doorbell feature, after you upgrade the App version to V2.4.0, it will work automatically, and you just need to turn the doorbell to ‘Balance Surveillance’. Step: side menu-- my device-- doorbell-- power manager-- Balance Surveillance.

I told them that this wasn’t the case and they replied saying:

For the 2K battery doorbell, so sorry to say that there is a slight delay. And it needs the Homebase to upgrade to a new firmware that is expected to be available this week.

My Homebase 2 has since updated to version and still no change to my doorbell power options, One of the update notes says it should “optimise the accuracy of human detection in activity zones”, however the irony of this now is that I am suddenly getting next to no detection whatsoever in my activity zone since the update?!

Is anyone else experiencing these issues?

@Chrisbarnes1998 Welcome to Eufy updates :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::laughing:. My home base is V2.1.5.0 as well, Doorbell (T8210) V2.2.2.6 and App V2.4.0_637. I do not have access to Balance Surveillance. I tried to update my doorbell, but it says, “Your doorbell is up to date.” As usual, we’ll wait and see.

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The update regarding the new power manager setting comes with homebase 2’s firmware (which I have). After two hours the homebase updated again to

@John0 How is everything working with the new home base update?

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When updating to, the system started to go bonkers. I then removed the power from it and reinserted it. Then it was stable again. No differences noticed with©

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Thanks for the updates, currently no further updates for me. Are you based in U.K.?

No Homebase2 update for UK yet.

the android app updated for me last night (n UK)
it now has an extra power saving mode on the doorbell - “Balance surveillance”.

What exactly does the new power mode do? What are the compromises?

Since the recent update, my camera keeps putting my garden table in the thumbnail of the motion picture, even when a human starts the motion recording. If that makes sense.
Only started since the latest update.
My garden table doesn’t even move , it’s stationary.
Anyone else getting something like this?

I haven’t even received the very latest update yet but my motions have all but stopped being picked up now!

@Rico22 I have a tree (that was recently pruned) that gets picked up by my doorbell as a “human”. Never happened before, but I’m guessing because the shape of the tree looks different. I just had to adjust my motion zone and removed that area. No issues since. However, in the past it has picked a particular car that was parked in the distance as a human as well. I’m guessing their AI is in beta mode too, lol.