Issue with deadbolt calibration

I recently purchased an Eufy smart lock with built-in wi-fi.
When trying to calibrate the deadbolt, it keeps giving a voice prompt that “the deadbolt is stuck. Return to assembly.” Or something to that effect. The device is properly installed. The deadbolt opens and closes manually very smoothly. The problem is that during automatic calibration the device is trying to turn left side but my door is a left-handed door so the only options are unlock (straight up) and lock in the right side (90 degrees to the right). Even when the device is assembled outside the door in my hand, the lock turns 180 to the left and then gives a prompt that the lock is jamed or stuck. How do I fix this?

Same problem. Deadbolt seems to be turning fine. Did you ever figure this out?

Any solution? I am having the exact same issue. Locks and unlocks smoothly.

I have the same issue. Smartlock 3 in 1 with camera and doorbell. Calibration always fail saying deadbolt stuck but it was never stuck.
Deadbolt can only be opened 90degres horizontal to vertical. But seems like the smartlock is forcing the deadbolt to open 180 degrees. Horizontal to horizontal.

Can we have a fix for this issue already. Like have an option to set maximum degree to open the deadbolt to either 90 or 180 degrees.

I’m unable to use the lock as it won’t let me add fingerprint and code before calibration is finished.