Is system still down?

Is the system still down for maintenance?? Was working then now this morning is showing as offline.

Same here. Down again!

Off and on been getting " unavailable to connect to application server".
Anyone find a fix or it’s on eufy side of things?

Shouldn’t be I’m not having any problems in the UK?

We are checking with the server in emergency, please wait for some time. Thanks

You all need to get some PR people. One to communicate better (time and grammar). Your posts reflect the apps numerous spelling/grammatical errors.

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Mine is down

here we go again. just went to disarm the system to do some outside work and “unable to connect to application server”.

Oh man, I was just taking down my cameras to return them when I checked and sure enough it’s down again…well maybe I’ll give Eufy another try when they get their act together

What’s going on?? Server down again??

I am pretty new to Eufy and purchased because of the great reviews… but only a couple weeks in and it seems like their servers are down quite often, like at least every other day… for those of you who have been with Eufy for a while, is this common to have the down so often?

I’ve been with Eufy for 4 months and never had this happen before this week. Don’t know why it’s happened like 4 times

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I just installed my system yesterday. I tried out the blink and was not happy too many false alerts picking up vehicles 40ft away and nothing 2 ft away. Picked up the eufy because of the great reviews and were off to a bad start lol

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I hear year. I am in the same boat. I have picked up the 2k camera because of good reviews and potential savings from my other camera system with CVR. I am starting to question if it is worth it. I will say the ability to use RSTP does make to easier to swallow to some extent

What does “wait for sometime” mean exactly?! Like let’s site in the backyard and wait for the flowers to come up but they may not…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

over a year. 1st problem like this for me. 6 cameras , 2 doorbells all down .

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Down for me also.