Is it possible to detect only human movements during the night time

Hi just connected my Eufy 2 and 2c, quite happy , easy to connect, easy to use.
But I have only two choices in the detection settings, only humans during day light and all movements during night time, or all movements all the time, wich is an issue when cats are detected by the camera during the night.
Is there a way to detect and be notify only for " human movements"


I have the same issue and it is very annoying…something changed a few months ago and right now I always receive notification in my phone at 2am…3am…an so on. Cats are changing my mind…now thinking eufycam is useless at night time. Please eufy…we need to select what notifications we wants to receive…day and night. Plenty of people use phone notifications near bed as a first warning…


Human detection is less reliable in infrared nighttime mode, which is why eufy automatically switched to all motion detection at night. It’s not just eufy that has difficulty with human detection at night.

And yet the alarm only goes on “presence” detection but not on “motion” detection…
Plus why not let the user choose what they want ?

That is right. Homebase only activates alarm with human presence…that is also what I want with my notifications. It should be user decision, the same as with day light. maybe an advise …ex. All movement notifications by default at night but if you activate person notifications you are advised it could not detect people at night properly. Just let users decide what we want…

Even if you set to humans only, it picks up cars too. Often tomes it even misses humans

If you have a motion detect floodlight / night light you don’t need to use the night function.

Not good enough, to be honest. At least let US choose if we want to use it. Add a disclaimer that it’s not as reliable. Make “all” the default setting for night, but at least let us CHOOSE daytime.

I’m begging you, Eufy. I just got these cameras and without nighttime human detection, I’m genuinely considering returning them. It defeats the reason that I bought them.

What would happen if I correctly placed a motion sensor to trigger the 2c cam and turned off motion detection on cam? Would that solve the critter triggers at night?

The motion sensor is pretty sensitive and doesn’t have the range of sensitivity adjustment that a 2C cam has. That said, if you can position it correctly so that its above the critters and catches them straight on, it might work. The sensor does have a narrower field of view than a camera. The key to setup of any of the Eufy gear is spend some time thinking about the sources of motion and position your sensors or cameras so they avoid false activations. I have pretty much eliminated false alerts on my system except for deer. They are just too close in size to humans and if I de-sensitize to miss them, I will sometimes miss a quick delivery guy.


Hi! Good idea… But, What do you mean “you don’t need to use night function” ? Can you set schedules? I couldn’t see any place to turn off night function.

I have two porch lights in front and a flood light in back. 4 cameras total. The cameras do fine with the exsisting lighting without using auto night vision. Turn off auto night vision and see how it looks.

Greetings, my night-time area is very well lit and I disabled the auto night function and still receive notifications of cats, opossum, and armadillos all the live-long night. The snakes are never detected. However, the notifications only begin just after I fall asleep. Easy solution: stay up all night=no small animals detected… Solved! Not really, I’m sure Eufy is working on an AI based solution because my other brand cameras do not have this problem. An external antenna would also be groovy. Anyway, keep requesting the night-time changes. Either Eufy will fix or hopefully provide the source code so we can fix.

Exactly. That’s what my crazy camera is doing. So frustrating.