Is it just me or is your eufy security system more reliable then it was 4 weeks ago

3 months ago i was sooo frustrated with the stability and reliability of my eufy security system. (4ea 2c cameras, 1ea battery doorbell, 4ea door sensors and 2ea motion sensors) random camera disconnects, server outages, alexa support virtually useless, constant need to reboot the homebase 2 etc. . well over the last 4 to 6 weeks with a bunch of eufy updates, the system has improved 1000% for me. i just wanted to thank eufy for the improvements and see if it’s just me or are others experiencing the same stability lately. i also understand by posting this my system will probably go down later today (murphys law)

They have been working on the backend to prevent further outages and they are also working in updates, so its a good thing we start to see more and more reliability with the system