Is Eufy looking to integrate existing security devices with HomeBase?

As the title said, are you looking to integrate existing security devices with HomeBase? Namely the wired doorbell, indoor camera, and floodlight camera. I believe you would make a killer ecosystem by doing just that and it will obviously push more sales. I don’t know what’s the hold up from doing that?


Are you referring to “HomeBase 1”? Just curious.

I very much agree. We are pleased with Eufy and own many of their products. However, It wasn’t until today while installing the indoor 2k camera that I realized there is no ecosystem. That’s a big deal! We own the Eufy Cam 2 cameras and homebase…and surprise surprise, the indoor camera doesn’t connect to the homebase :person_facepalming: Truly makes me reconsider buying/adding other devices. Maybe they want to make monthly Cloud :moneybag: On Amazon, a Eufy rep stated they were going to add the indoor camera to the Homebase in 3 to 4 months. Truly hope they do.


I’m referring to HomeBase 2, but then any HomeBase would work.

Don’t hold your breathe. I believe the indoor cams don’t have the hardware to talk to the homebase and you can’t fix that with firmware updates. They have an enhanced Homebase 3 supposedly coming out this year that they may use to unify the ecosystem, but the existing equipment probably won’t talk to the new homebase. I hope I’m wrong about this, but if you look at the price difference between the $30-40 indoor cam and the lowest price battery cams ($85-90) there has to me a lot more hardware in the battery cams than just batteries.

By the way, in October of last year, they annouced a lot of promised features on homebase 2 would not be implemented. This included expandable storage via the USB port.

I view the indoor cams and floodlight cam as a different product line, aimed at a different audience who want a couple of standalone cams that they can throw up for cheap. The battery cams/homebase system is for users who want more of a integrated security system.

Hi there preset.
You mentioned in October there was an announcement that eufy would be scaling back on a number of their home base 2 promises. You wouldn’t happen to have a link or a reference to the post would you. I would be very keen to read it.

It was just a post on this site by one of the moderators saying that they wouldn’t be adding expandable storage to Homebase 2. There was another one saying that additional storage would decrease the stability of Homebase 2, so they were not moving forward. In one of the posts it was stated that Homebase 3 and Cam 3 would be out in 2021 and they would have more advanced features, but they didn’t say which ones. I think Eufy is starting to learn about overpromising and underdelivery. You could search the expandable storage or homebase threads.

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