IR LED eye safety?

Any idea about safety of EufyCam 2 Pro night vision LEDs? Are those safe to be illuminated into newborns eyes? So using camera in baby’s bedroom. Most probably power isn’t that high well battery packed devices these are. And assuming also that it is not coherent (laser-type beam). But any real information available?

This is an interesting question. On the cam your talking about… the Ir beams only come on when motion is detected. Some cams they are always on once it gets dark. I ran into this question a few years ago as I started a DJ gig. My lighting gear had several lasers that were “FDA” safe. Safe for what?

My guess is your completely safe… but as parent I would absolutely ask around. Maybe your physician? Eye doctor?

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The IR illuminators in the Eufy battery cams are 850 nm if that helps. Not sure what the power level is but it’s pretty low.

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I see discussion around the IR LEDs in Internet and there is the thing that in the dark, pupils are wide and don’t detect IR light because well it is not visible. So IR bypasses eyes’ safety control system. And either you are not turning away if the IR is powerful/bright because once again one doesn’t detect that. This can be “academic discussion” only but hey isn’t it great to know things and not just guess

The 850 nm range is visible as a dull red glow at night. If you go into a dark room, you can see the IR leds on the cameras. I have several IR illuminators in the same range and they are more powerful, but still very visible so they eye should be able to react normally.