IP67 micro usb plug/cable

Hey @eufyCam.

Since there’s no proposed release date for the solar power system compatible with the eufyCam plus/pro, how about you manufacture some IP67 rated extension cables (with weatherproof micro usb male), similar to the 2C extension cables?

If the cables were available in varying lengths (1.5m, 3m, 5m 10m), then those of us who have to have our cameras up high won’t have the problem of falling off our ladders while trying to retrieve our cameras for charging.

Putting a 90° (left and right) IP67 male connector would also be an advantage.

All of your major competitors have these type of extension cables, why don’t you?

The Eufy brand solar panel that works for all their battery cams has been available in the US from Amazon and several other retailers for several months. It comes with several protective USB boots for different cameras.

Can you please provide a link to these? I’ve been searching for months and all I can find is Eufy compatible (but without a waterproof micro usb) on numerous eBay and Amazon stores.
FYI, I’m in Australia. So not all US retailers will ship to us.

When I looked on Amazon US, they were out, but I found a link to the black panel on Best Buy. White panel was out of stock.

Here’s the link to the Eufy Panel in black for BB. Not sure whether you can get them in AUS.


Maybe Eufy underestimated how many to build. So far, the comments for the Eufy panels seem to be favorable. They made firmware updates to their cameras to handle their own panels.

Nope, same old story. Don’t ship to anywhere outside of the US.

Maybe they are all held up in the Suez canal?