iOS Notification Center notifications

Hi - I really wasn’t sure where to post this since it’s actually a suggestion regarding an issue in the iOS app for eufy Security.

First the notifications work great, there isn’t a problem there. The issue I see is that for the Notification Center style notifications on the Notification shade or lock screen remain even after viewing the event associated in the eufy Security app (see attached photo. Any other iOS app with Notification Center style notifications clear them out after going into the app to view the intended information.

This means that at the end of the day I sometimes have numerous notifications to clear even though the associated event has been viewed.

Can this be reviewed?

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Most likely will be a notification setting when they finalize IOS 14. Currently it’s on Beta 8. I looked around and didn’t see anything specific. But you can easily click an x on the Notification Center.

Thanks for the followup.

Yeah I’m aware of how to clear the notification, it’s just an extra unnecessary step that’s all.

Fingers crossed that iOS 14 changes help with this.

Thanks again.

No worries. I’m on Beta 8 presently and that’s the only way I can see to clear the notifications. Looked at the notifications section in settings as well.

this is definitely an ios issue, I tried on my android phone and my notifications get cleared once viewed. Tried on the iPhone 11 and they didn’t clear after viewing them. Didn’t really think much of it until you mentioned it and it is annoying. Hopefully it gets resolved with either ios update or eufy update

I don’t believe this will change with an iOS 14 update. This will be a programming change in the Eufy iOS app, that when viewing an event the app can choose to clear notifications associated to the event.

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Did you work it out?
I think if you go to notifications you have 2 choices temporary or persistent.

Resurrecting this aged post - has anyone figured out this or is it a bug in the Eufy Security app? I think it’s the latter (a bug). The “temporary / persistent” setting is something else, that setting determines when the notification is received whether to leave it on the screen or just flash it for a few seconds.

As the OP stated, the issue is the notification in the notification centre. Once you acknowledge the notification (by either tapping on it or going into the Eufy app) the notification SHOULD be removed from the notification centre - but it doesn’t. I have to go in all the time and manually remove them - definitely a bug somewhere, and I think it’s in the Eufy app since none of my other apps behave this way.


Would you like to check the translation into Dutch in the app and notifications? Grammatically there are a number of errors.

The notifications are clearly shown on my iPhone and Watch.
I only miss the notification on my Watch when the mode changes based on Geofencing.