iOS App Suggestions

Three features to the eufy Security app that would really improve its usability:

1: Global Snooze
Being able to snooze all cameras at one time without needing to select each camera individually

2: Snooze option on the iOS lock screen. Being able to long-press or slide the notification and snooze from the lock screen would save a few steps. Even if the snooze option was always 15 or 30 minutes (meaning even if you couldn’t choose the snooze interval) it would be a nice time saver.

3: Refreshing on the eufy Security app (sliding down on the list of all cameras) would refresh the screenshot for each camera without having to go into each camera individually to refresh the latest view. This would be a great usability enhancement. One single swipe down would refresh all the cameras in the order they appear in the list.


Number 3 would be super great.

@Wilburx3 I believe you can refresh when you pull down…:v:t2: just looked never mind your right this would be great :+1:t2:

Delete all videos would be another suggestion that I would use, 20 at a time can get a bit long in the tooth!

To add to this - it would be great to have the option to snooze not only the notification but also the recording.

Currently I can snooze notifications fine in the garden for example but then I still have an hour or so worth of 35 second clips!

@AnkerSupport just a couple of suggestions on the grammar on this screen as what you have written doesn’t make sense.

Perhaps is should read:

Save your Indoor Cam recording events to the cloud using advanced encryption and accessible even when your device is unplugged.

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I would like to see 3-D haptic touch added to the home screen to view camera

Number one would be great. Until the indoor cams can do geofencing either natively or via HomeKit, it is very inefficient to go into each camera and change it from away to home, etc.