iOS 14 widget and picture and picture support in eufy security app

Just watched wwdc 2020 and would love to see the eufy app get the widget and picture and picture support for all apple products.
Installing betas now.


Would love these features on iPhone and Apple Watch. Would love to know if the Eufy Security app is compatible with iOS14? does it work?

The app works but features have not been added yet. I hope they do hope we get enough people asking for it I’ll update if it comes.

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Also the home cam app does have a widget and developer says that it will work with indoor cam when we get homekit support still but this is how I plan to set up my widget page or depending how many we can view might just make a page for it.

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Yes, can confirm that the Eufy Security app works fine with IOS 14.0.1
…no widget though!

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Your post was from 2020. It’s being 4 years, So they just decided no widgets for iPhone users?

This is a third party app called homecam for home kit and does give this widget but you have to tap on it to preview. ‎HomeCam for HomeKit on the App Store