iOS 14 HomeKit Upgrades

Just watching the Apple Event where they’ve just announced new HomeKit activity zones and rich notifications direct in the home app.

Be great if we can get more firmware updates out so more cameras can take advantage of these features when they come out.


I completely agree. If the Eufy Wireless Doorbell were to integrate with HomeKit, it would absolutely dominate the market. Excited (and hopeful) to see how Eufy will leverage iOS14 for powerful HomeKit integration. Don’t miss the opportunity here, Eufy!


The features are not dependent on the camera manufacture as long as the camera supports HSV. Those features are leveraged on your Homekit Hub. I missed this was in the Doorbell Sub, so yea Eufy get the doorbell working with HSV.

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Another vote for the battery doorbell to be added to HomeKit here too. Eufy would dominate if they got this right. It’d also save them developing this buggy piece of crap app too, so quids in.

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This isn’t on Apple, this is on Eufy to integrate the Wireless Doorbell into the HomeKit Ecosystem. Since they have other cameras that are capable, it’s a possibility, but hasn’t happened yet


What ? This is totally on Eufy.

Again its with Eufy, I dont care what any customer support rep said. Eufy on here have said countless times here that it is planned t or that they will take it under advisement. Until a Eufy employee says yes we have applied to have the doorbell certified your just blowing smoke.

Ah here it is, its in the planning stages which is Eufys court : Announcement about Homekit - Indoor Cam

Ok sure…

As long as it works, I don’t give a sweet hoot who has to do what.

Thanks for the info mind, it shows that there are intentions to develop the integration of the systems.


Hi Eufy,

Just purchased the following equipment for my home:

  • (2) Eufy 2C cameras w/ homebase
  • (1) Wired 1080p Doorbell
  • (2) Entry Sensors

I have to say, I LOVE THE SYSTEM and have it paired with Philips Hue in HomeKit. (Motion detections and turning on the outdoor lights is awesome).

Somethings I think Eufy can improve on with HomeKit:

For the cameras:

  • live talk is not difficult to enable in HSV, its time this comes to all current and future-enabled camera Eufy supports.

For the hub:

  • add it to HomeKit as an Alarm System so that we are able to easily arm/disarm the system from the Home App

For the doorbells:

  • integration for the cameras, but not the doorbell is kinda sloppy. Add both the wired and battery doorbells to HomeKit asap!

For the entry sensors:

  • Im not sure if these can be added or integrated into HomeKit, but if you can, do it.

Adding these features will get my stamp of 100% approval. Please please please let us know you are working on this! These features will help me feel safe and secure in my own home.

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Honestly they said 2FA would be here inn August 2020. But they are more focused on pushing new products such as the new 2C Pro. An the recent update they pushed was for some software issues as discussed on Reddit. As for the Homekit stuff they are waiting on Apple to green light them as it’s a licensing agreement with Apple. An many wil disagree with me but the look into that I’ve done and conversations I’ve had with there management states that. But don’t get your hopes up. I started this venture in July with overheating issues daily. Then the update to that was disable notifications. But you won’t know that unless you look at the App it self to see your camera is disabled due to overheating.

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