Introducing the next big thing in crowdfunding from eufy Security!

Hey, eufy fans!

eufy Security is excited to announce the launch of our new kickstarter campaign! At this time certain details around the product remain under wraps but we are very confident it is going to be something you love!

We have taken a problem that many of you face and have used our security expertise to create a solution. Lets just say it will have porch pirates saying “Shiver Me Timbers”!

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Link: eufy


This looks really cool! I signed up

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Security box?


i believe it has something to do with access to one’s garage when deliveries are made so that the package can be left inside the garage therefore no one can steal the package…similar to Chamberlain garage opener systems

How about fixing all the other crap first! Someone’s making money while you leave people with a bunch of crap you labeled “Security”. When people get tired of this crap and you guys dissappear there will be no server for all these devices.


Not sounding negative - but this is not a great time for crowdfunding with covid.

Interested to see what it is!


I don’t want to speculate as to what it could be, but it will be interesting to see what the end product is, but it is hard not to. From the title alone I am guessing secure post box for packages that can be unlocked with either a code or otherwise by the carrier while being recorded and then securely locked after.

It’s going to be called Smart Drop

Unbelievable…another product to add to the list of non integrated products. Talk about not listening to your customers. Many products are you all going to produce until to start upgrading your software? How am I supposed to recommend products when there is a list of issues?


I can see this not working. I’m sure like the doorbell it will not detect 50% of the time.


If you put the eufy 2c, eufy cam and doorbell inside it will boost its detection rate by 50% :wink:


:wink: L O L

is this thing going to be vented in any way? can you imagine how hot it would get in a black box with direct sunlight on a hot day in mid summer. note to eufy, you might want to add a thermostat and fan to reduce internal temperatures. also, unless you plan to offer this product in different colors the shell of the box should be available in a finish prepped for painting so the owner could paint it whatever color they want. better yet a brushed stainless steel finish to reflect sunlight.

I mine as well ask for it all:

  1. Wider footprint like the Yale Smart delivery box so it can accommodate food deliveries from services like hello fresh
  2. Multiple colors or skins
  3. Homekit Secure video
  4. Homekit for lock/unlock
  5. Guest access like August app in case I have people returning things when I’m not home
  6. Pan and tilt camera like the eufy indoor pan and tilt 2k cameras
  7. Fans/thermometer/humidity for internal cooling control in Homekit so I know the fans are running/internal temperature in case I have perishables
  8. User changeable/replaceable rechargeable batteries with optional solar charging capabilities and 365 day runtime
  9. Homekit controlled lock for the battery compartment so I don’t have to unscrew anything to get to the battery/so bad actors can’t remove the battery (and also with an emergency battery backup just in case I don’t get to the rechargeable battery in time)
  10. Homebase 2 video storage and cloud storage options
  11. 2 way audio (Homekit)
  12. Vents for temp control
  13. Drain near the bottom in case I load it with ice for perishable deliveries and need to quickly/easily drain water
  14. Method for securing the device for renters like a chain to railing with a smart/HomeKit enabled rechargeable padlock
  15. Anti-theft notification/prevention based on movement with a Homekit controller alarm/siren and geofencing/tracking capabilities like Tile
  16. Facial recognition with audio training. If the device recognizes its someone in the household, audio training will not start. If it’s an unrecognized individual like UPS, FedEx, etc. audio training to alert them of the box, it’s function and how to operate. Audio training would need to allow for input instructions from these unknown individuals so they could ask the box to repeat instructions or silence instructions (once they’re used to it/but only as a one time silence because of employee turnover/other delivery people working the route)
  17. Notifications of everything mentioned above to the owner
  18. Pin pad that can control smart door locks as a secondary way to unlock your front door (if your phone/smart watch battery dies and you don’t have a key to get in - similar to the August Smart Keypad but built in. Fingerprint/facial recognition preferred
  19. Weatherproof rating
  20. Wired power option for those who have access to convenient external power and want this option
  21. Camera shield to protect against sunlight/prevent capturing footage/facial recognition
  22. If you’re coming out with a eufy security system that notifies law enforcement/integration in the event of theft/tampering/leaving geofence or for those who want this service but don’t want to wait for an inevitable new service/don’t want to change their current service, an option just for this device
  23. 2.4 ghz and 5 ghz bands for those of us with mesh routers that may experience issues with 2.4 ghz only
  24. Start audio and camera as soon as person is detected because any lag will result in packages being dropped or thrown and never make their way into the box
  25. Dehumidifier
  26. Activity zones

They are just gonna steal the box and your screwed. Our as many will find out that they will have to drill into cement to anchor this product down like any other lock box. People will steal no matter the level of deterrent you put on something. Where there is a will there is a way.

Yeah all the thoughts are great to this concept but the reality of use and real world it’s just a small deterrent to someone. But your obviously using this for a reason of valuable. You guys may seriously wanna watch YouTube videos on professional robbers. They essentially tell you how they do these things and they do a very good job to appear like they blend in. I understand every city is different but in general I don’t see this being of interest to me at all.

I have liftmaster openers that can do the whole Amazon Key thing and yeah I’ll pass on that. If you all haven’t realized with the recent massive Twitter hack, people get to things they want no matter the barrier.

An if this is to have there 100+ decibel alarm. That can be easily muffled down. Example. When smoothies are made most food and beverage places use a enclosure to muffle down the noise (Jamba Juice, Starbucks). If it’s to go off someone could simply place a tote container over it and enclose it and simply muffle down the alarm while they take off with this supposed security box.

You can see how people outsmart high end safes with just leverage and a pry bar to get inside. This is just simple searches on the internet and I’m saying this to you all to just give you these thoughts. If you wanna buy it. You totally can. But just be aware of those type of scenarios is all I’m saying.

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Just my thoughts to your post. An by no means am I trying to take away these are just things I’ve learned or seen over time.

7: the issue for all these internal this is that it requires essentially a refrigerator style compressor to cool. The work around will most likely be that the user place adequate ice packs, dry ice, or gel style cube to keep the item cool while away.

Adding a solar panel and refrigerator style compressor will add cost and price to us essentially but it’s do able. But great thoughts and contributions.

22: The only security company that is contracted with the Police is Sonitrol. 60 minutes did a segment about this a year or so ago. Essentially security company’s pay call centers to monitor the devices and then contact you before they call the police if a set amount of time goes by. Something about security systems that people have to understand is yeah they seem really cool and helpful. But guarantee your not home to a robber. The cameras at least put a face or person to the incident. Fear is the motivator of sales to these things.

I only invested $300 for a bundle because I wanted to be able to see who’s at my home. If they wanna get in they will. All I can do is ensure I have adequate insurance, rider policies to things I value the most and just live my life. It’s just a helpful deterrent.

23: the use of 2.4 band is because it’s not a heavily used band as a 5ghz is. But understand the concept.

I saw Yale said they would launch in Spring, 2020, but still not launched yet. Don’t know if there are any accidents for that project

So from what you’ve said this looks like it is a race with Yale to get this out before them, irrespective of the fact that any prospective purchasers will have reservations about the security and functionality of the product considering the problems they’re having with existing Eufy products.
I would have thought a concerted effort to improve on the existing Eufy products reliability would have been a higher priority!:smirk:


Probably because they sort out all of the bugs before dumping products on the market.