Interaction with Google home and HUE lighting

Can someone explain exactly how the Eufy cams can be coupled with Google home and Philips HUE lighting. I tried several times, looks simple but I receive only messages like bad gateway and no devices selected. Everything works separately in Eufy app and google home but linking is not possible.


Hi rwring,

I don’t use Google Home / Google Products but maybe this will give you an idea or if there is a solution for your devices to communicate in a similar way.

I use Homebridge which has allowed me to use a plug-in for my Eufy security system for Apple HomeKit.

If the doorbell is triggered by motion or starts recording a clip during certain hours my Philips Hue bulb at the front entrance goes on. It also reveals contact sensors which I can customize automations such as when the door opens at XX hour my light turns on so I can take the garbage out and have the light turn off after a few minutes.

Hope this helps.

Thanks, I am not using Apple devices and I want to use as less as possible devices. I hope there is a way of doing the interaction by google home and Hue directly. It should work with GH, I only get error messages when doing it this way.

Thanks in advance.

You’re welcome and best of luck finding a solution:)