Intel NUC i3 for NAS (RTSP), anyone done it?

Hey folks,

Looking for guidance here.

I have a i3 NUC collecting dust and I was wondering if there was a easy way to convert it over to NAS for RTSP so that I can storage eufy cam footage on it.

The NUC has WiFi card and lan. 120GB SSD and I also have 500GB USB3 external storage too.

The NUC has hackintosh on it but I can put Linux or Windows.

I’m not that familiar with surveillance software setup so some pointers would be appreciated.

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You should be able to use motioneye with linux. Just not sure how many cameras it could support. Would be completely dependent on how your cameras are setup. I created a thread about running Motioneye on a raspberry pi that may help

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Attempted to install xpenology but my nuc uses a mac USB to ethernet adaptor and I wasn’t able to discover it. Such a shame but maybe I’ll try it another time. Installing windows 10 on the nuc. Is there a windows software that will allow me to use RTSP?

The surveillance software for windows i am familiar with is blue iris, but it isn’t free.

You could also try media vault, freenas, or unraid for NAS OS’s to try. I am not sure how they will run on a NUC though. I would try free nas last though. Unraid runs from a USB stick plugged into the computer and does have a trial. As long as you have a 8gb usb stick should be easy to try. Media Vault is installed on the internal storage and runs over a host os like ubuntu or debian.

There is also a motioneye plugin/docker for unraid that as long as you dont use a webcam plugged directly in the unraid box should be fine. You can alao load a VM in these options as well with a linux distro and then put motion eye over it.

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Thanks alot for the info. I’ll try one of these, maybe open media vault in the coming weeks.

The nuc has 120GB ssd, 8gb ram and i3. With the latest Windows 10 it can playback upto 2k YouTube (mkbhd) videos without a hiccup.