Installed my Eufy doorbell with custom cover plate!

So, i finally installed my Eufy Doorbell today after receiving the plate I ordered.

My issue was that the previous button was square and the eufy is “slim” so it would leave a hole on the sides.
Had 2 options

  1. Fill the hole partially
  2. Put a plate

I went for second option because it would easily allow in future to move back to square button from the original chime and also the plate felt easier to me, less risk of doing something ugly.

So here’s the result:

So as u can see i didnt do it large enough so just ordered another one with 1cm of margin all around.

I got this quite cheap (30€ delivered) and custom made on a site called John Steel where u design from raw materials.

I’m attaching the 2 files (current one and bigger one) if anyone needs them. I’m not a pro in this so i’d advise you to print the file and check before 100% trusting my stuff and ordering etc.

Normal one (as seen on pic, a bit too narrow for my case)

Bigger one (waiting delivery)

I used 2mm stainless steel on the one in the pic, and went for the same in 1.5mm thickness for the one I’m waiting.
Think you could also use aluminum, but the SS here is good and will survive rain and all.

That’s beautiful! I would never have noticed the small gap had you not mentioned it. Well done!