IndoorCam preorder price will be cancelled within 3 days

Dear eufy backers,

Indoor Cam preorder is running pretty well that we are facing the delivery issues from the factory. So we plan to cancel the preorder price within 3 days and will keep the original price to run this campaign until the product launches. The estimated delivery time will be around end of May.

If you or your friend is still interested this 2K smart gadget, please do not hesitate to place the order.

Good luck:)


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Thanks for letting us know!! :blush:

Thanks for the heads up @Mengdi
Shared it with my friends :ok_hand:

Thanks for the update!

I only ordered 1, and plan to maintain that number until I get a chance to try it out. If I like It then I will order more.

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Great ! Good luck @Techman testing this new cam, look forward to hear from you :+1:

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Will the rest of the world get a discount when you decide to release it to places other than the US?

I am afraid not

I’ll be sticking with wyze then
Funny that using Amazon we (in the UK) can get products from an American company that only sells to America but we can’t get a lot of Anker / Eufy products or they’re delayed by 6 to 12 months & you are an international company

I think after we finally get the motion sensors it’ll be my last purchase from Anker / Eufy

@Mengdi any update on when to expect the preorder units to ship?

Lifehackster on YouTube just posted a review of the new Eufy pan cam. It was sent to him by Eufy for his review. So…Eufy, when do us pre-order folks get our cameras ?

As far as I know, IndoorCam 2K is ready in the factory, just wait to ship from China to US warehouse. For Indoor Cam 2K Pan & Tilt, they are working day and night in production

@Mengdi any update on when I will receive my preorder cameras.

They were supposed to ship by the end of May, and it’s now June.

for Indoor Cam 2K, some of the consumers have received their pre-ordered ones. Please be more patient and you will not wait long.

All the pre-ordered products are in U.S right now.

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Thanks so much for the information.

As you can probably tell, patience isn’t my strong point :joy:.

My camera us set to arrive on Saturday :scream: