Indoor PTZ 2K Camera Scheduled Position Changes

Something I have not seen other manufacturers do on PTZ cameras is to allow changing the PTZ position based on a schedule, or mode status (home/Away).

I already see that Eufy allows two different motion activation zones. It would be great if for example at 7AM point the camera at position X and use motion zone 1. At 10PM point camera at position Y and use motion activation zone 2. Each position has it own motion detection zone. This could lead into other features such as when you put your camera into away mode you could point it at position Y and home mode point it position X. X could be privacy position (pointed at the ceiling or whatever) or if your camera is in a window, your back yard to watch when the dog is let outside. When you leave the house and it goes to Away mode it can turn back to position Y which points at the door or windows or areas of intrusion that you prefer to watch when you are not home.