Indoor Cameras Constantly Going Offline?

I recently bought 8 of the indoor cameras to replace a handful of Wyze and other cams I had in my house. Overall I like them, but I’m noticing some of them intermittently going offline and not coming back until I power cycle them. Is anyone else having an issue like this or have a fix? I’d be surprised if I received multiple faulty cameras. The outage doesn’t seem to coincide with any firmware updates either.

I know it has nothing to do with my wireless coverage as I have Unifi APs on every floor and no deadzones in my house. Initially I thought it was maybe the pan/tilt cameras since I had only noticed it with them, but as of today two of the standard 2k cameras have gone offline and refused to come back on until I’ve power cycled them.

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I had the same issues with one of my cameras, to fix the problem I recharged the camera again and all is good.

I had the exact same issue this morning on my Indoor 2k camera. 2 of 3 were offline. I received no notification but realized the issue when checking the app before leaving for work. The firmware update was done on July 4th for my cameras. I had to power cycle my cameras as well to get them fixed the refresh button in the app did nothing.

These are the indoor cameras, so they aren’t battery powered. Power cycling them gets them back online. Oddly I haven’t had one go offline since I posted this, so hopefully it’ll stay that way

My indoor 2k camera keeps going offline. Sometimes it will go offline every few minutes, every few hours or every few days. I put it on a battery backup in case it was power issue but that didn’t work. Wifi is solid which is only a couple of feet away.

Can you try restarting the camera or if need be, removing it from the app and adding it back? Do you have a mixed WiFi network (Mesh) or separate 2.4GHZ and 5GHz? Was there a recent update to the indoor 2K camera?

Same here with both the indoor 2K and the Indoor 2K Pan & Tilt. Both going offline 3-4 times a week. Get back online after unplugging them from power and plugging them back in again. Coverage is good, seems to happen out of nowhere.

For me specifically the issue was limiting data rate to at least 11 mbps or elimination of traffic under 11mbps. Once I changed my mesh to allow traffic down to 9mpbs, all offline issues stopped.

You might give all your wifi cams a fixed IP address by creating a reservation on your router. I have 6 indoor cams and since I gave them fixed IPs I haven’t a had a single one go offline. Not exactly sure why this worked, but its been working fine for over a year withfixed IPs.